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Leaving a Note March 9, 2007

U may wanna leave a note here for miscellaneous thingy. Thankie and hv a nice day!


25 Responses to “Leaving a Note”

  1. jy Says:

    3yi… u nvr link sotong ball leh… so bad!!!

  2. Not-so-good Memories Says:

    Previously, i didn’t link hers too … ‘cos i don’t like her blog design, reminded me of some ‘nasty’ pple fr my previous Co.

  3. jy Says:

    nasty??? i tink she wanna change blogskin liao…

  4. croc Says:

    ya, saw some obscene sexual conversations on the chat box on her blog the other time. she better be careful who she communicates with.

  5. jy Says:

    dere is???? she no tag board for veri long liao leh

  6. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Wanying’s Blog itself is cool !! Its a puzzle. Cos I don’t even know where to click. Talk about obscene sexual conversations with regards to some stooooopid korean actor, I saw that. It might not be her classmates but if it is, must really ask her to be careful of those classmates cos I really think they don’t know what they are talking about.

    To Wanying: If you want to change blogskin, please focus on the following pointers for a blog:

    1. Try to keep it simple because with lotsa graphics, takes really long to load and blogspot isn’t exactly very fast to load.
    2. Try to have proper links, with proper titles.
    3. Font size must be big so that old people can see .. Opps .. did I just say old people !?!?
    4. Colour must be matching. Don’t give people White background, yellow font colour or worst still, black background with red font colour. Must cater for the handicap people like me.
    5. For a good reference on how to build a nice website, please go to this link. Its damn good and cool website that I personally like best !!! The link is

  7. nanny Says:

    Oso a word of caution for the internet … nvr release yr personal info, be extra careful/wary when dealing with pple … ‘cos anyone can assume any characters, so got to learn to protect yrself.

  8. croc Says:

    Walau, shawn ahdior, u know self-praise is an international disgrace or not?

  9. mummydear Says:

    Wow! My blog has reached a milestone … 1002 hits!!!

  10. strongstrong Says:

    Quote “******* Counting down to our holiday trip! ******* Every day, in every way, I become better & better, stronger & stronger, happier & happier, prettier & prettier, slimmer & slimmer!!! ;)” — Ehhhhh… Husband say one not accurate .. its biased remark. Heeee.

  11. LubbishBin Says:

    Not biased lah, it’s threatened lah … ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. mummydear Says:

    My blog has reached another milestone with 2030 hits!
    Total # of posts: 58
    Highest # of comments for 1post: 72 & mayb still growing (post: 2hrs for donutz)

  13. strongstrong Says:

    Congratulations …. 2030 hits must give treat one ….

  14. LubbishBin Says:

    Ok lah, if got time tis Sunday, make fried ๅนด็ณ•. Small Fish likes to eat.
    So, someone who got 3782 hits shd give a bigger treat than 2030 hits, rite? Buy durian leh … …

  15. jy Says:

    lucky mine didn’t put counter… hehe…

  16. mummydear Says:

    Hehehe, dun say tt too early …
    Thot u mentioned in yr blog tt u hit 200 posts in Feb 07? Now, tt calls for celebration too.
    Then the nxt thing u see, everyone dun dare to declare milestones anymore. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. jy Says:

    wah… 10+ more post hit 300 liao leh… like tt dun blog liao.. haha…

  18. rolypolygohly Says:

    want to eat liu lian this weekend? then each of us contribute 10 entries of 1 liner to jy’s blog then ok liao.

  19. jy Says:

    veri funny!!! i mean blog entries… not comment… i tink my comment didn’t even hit 100 sia… haha

    u shld treat mah… cuz u finish ur exam… need to celebrate mah!

  20. jy Says:

    2dae goin 2 start on german lesson???

  21. strongstrong Says:

    Nowadays, people can do anything just for a treat !!! hahahahahahahahahahaha

  22. strongstrong Says:

    Anyway, tried the nian gao, not bad leh !! Got gang hu !!!

  23. jy Says:

    let’s make caramel n fudge durin sch holiday… veri delicious!!! i gt e recipe!!!

  24. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Okay, you make I eat.

  25. jy Says:

    haf a nice trip!!! take more photos!! esp e sceneries…

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