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Why (Top Govt) Pay Must Go Up March 23, 2007

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Well, I’m not gg to argue abt tis, but wld like to put my 1cent worth on the salaries of 6 professions/sectors tt they benchmark with.

In the ST front page, it lists the income of top 8 earners of these 6 professions:

Lawyer: $4.29mil

Accountant: $3.72mil

Banker: $3.33mil

MNC: $2.70mil

Local Manufacturer: $2.30mil

Engineer: $0.62mil

Did u see? Did u see? Engineer, how PATHETIC!!! Doesn’t even cross $1mil!!!

Banking industry is in need of bankers now. They are willing to train the in-experience one (reported in ST some times ago). So, Engineers, WAKE UP!!! What r u waiting for, chiong ah!!!


Me Not Qualified for Credit Card Leh February 22, 2007

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My Nokia rang with the tune tt indicated tis someone i dunno called me.

Tele-marketeer: Hi Mdm, I’m calling from ABN Amro, blah, blah, blah … … Do u hv any credit card from ABN?
Me: No
B4 i wanna say I’m not interested, vy quickly she continued to ask, “Mdm, are u currently employed?”
Me: No
Oso vy quickly she said,”Oh, then thank you.”
Tuuuuuuu … tuuuuuuu … tuuuuuuu …

Wait i ask my hubby to terminate his card with yr bank then u know!!! 😀


Piggy Is Here!!! February 18, 2007

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Yippeeeee, it’s my turn again!!!
Believe me, tis yr will b a happpy and good one.

Welcome to the new year!
Huat Ah! Huat Ah! HUAT AHHHHHHHH!!!

– Pig Head


NTUC Aftermath February 15, 2007

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Walau, went NTUC @Lot1 ytd … what a mess, and oso not many things left to choose. 2mr got to go mkt to grab things liao. CHIONG AHHHHHHHH!!!

Attention Bloggers, pls add this blog to yr blogroll. Thankie!!!


Migration … … February 2, 2007

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Just migrated to new version of blogger.
Gimme a lot of problems, and oso don’t like the new layout.
Suay … can’t convert back to old version liao.