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I’m Migrating AGAIN!!! June 13, 2007

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Dear Fellow mummyDear Followers,

mummyDear is on the move AGAIN … pls visit and link me at

Pls do NOT leave comments here anymore … reserve yr say and post it at my new site.



ABCDEFGH May 30, 2007

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A told B rental $800, so B told C, who wanted to rent a hse urgently.

C called D (being the agent) to arr for viewing. D told C the rental is $1k (‘cos mkt oledi vy crazy, calling at $1.2k), and abt comm & stamp duty.

C told E, E called D to confirm. Unsatisfied with D answers, E told F, F called D’s mgr, G.

G called D to understand the situation. G clarified with F tt D’s information/procedure conformed to the Co’s policies.

C called D to cancel the viewing, ‘cos C cldn’t afford the rental.

D’s mum, H, called to ask if the hse was rented out. D told H the deal was off. H said y not rent at $800 and save all the troubles??? D told H, “Bcos I’m an agent, I work for my client.”

How wld u handle if u were A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, … … whose hat r u wearing?


Blame It on The Rain (Part2) April 25, 2007

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A road tt divides the area btw 2 TC … … and there lie their fates.


TC1: Got 2 BS, Got covered MSCP, Got lift & CP upgrade, Got nice nice tiles covered linkways.tc1.jpg

TC2: Got 1 BS, Got open CP (it comes with free leaves, branches, fruits, flowers fr the trees, and bird-shits every day. Also pray tt it doesn’t rain), Got lift lobby & letterbox upgrade, Got acrylics covered linkways.


Oh, not forgetting this ugly monster tt TC2 built at some blks … dunno for what, but we tink to protect yr head fr falling aircon.



Blame It on The Rain (Part1) April 24, 2007

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Blame it on the rain … …

My area is served by tis feeder bus 284, tt has only 3 bus-stops (BS – for bus-stop, not bullshit) in its route.

All the BS

Tink early last yr I feedback to the town council (TC) to build another BS at Blk 372, bcos during rainy days, residents staying opp of BS2 and Sunset Way will get ‘trapped’ at BS2. Hence the new BS will help the situation bcos of the covered walkway.

Well, vy simply, TC said it was not their problem (of course, they put it nicely lah) and referred me to LTA. The TC officer even suggested tt I use BS3 instead. Thank you vy much, officer, u know how far or not snaking around??!! So, I took my case to LTA, the officer said tt they wld look into the matter and tt was 1yr ago … tink the queue must b damn looooooooong. No wonder pple like to email to the MPs directly now.

Ytd, sky dark dark when I fetch Ashley fr sch, so decided to take the bus. We waited for >10mins, the sky still dark dark then. When the bus stopped at BS2, there was a sudden downpour (suay, rite?). We (there was also another elderly woman) waited a while, but the rain didn’t get any lighter. So, Ashley put on her raincoat. Me leh, got to hold the umbrella, carried Ashley’s damn heavy bag & got to ensure tt it won’t get wet, and another free hand to hold Ashley to cross 4 lanes of road. By the time we reached the centre divider, lower half of my body oledi wet thru’out; and Ashley felt cold. Mayb if I rushed home w/o taking the bus when the sky dark dark, then I won’t b so wet. Mayb if they were considerate enough to build BS4, then the young and the elderly will not hv to brave the storm to go home, safe and sound.

$#&$@! Blame it on the rain lah!


Plan Your Leave/Holidays in 2008 April 12, 2007

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2008 Calendar


U’ll need to zoom-in to see the School holidays/exam which are forecasted based on last 2yrs schedules by me, hence pls counter-chk with the school schedule next yr. I’m not liable for any errors/amendments in this calendar 🙂 .


Arrrrrrrrgh! Tax Filing! April 10, 2007

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It’s so stressful when it comes to April every yr, ‘cos of tax filing.

Well, if yours is sent in electronically by yr employer to IRAS, then it is a breeze. Me got to go thru’ everything and do my best to ensure tt the accounting part was correct … sometimes, got confused & had to re-chk again.

Clicked on the ‘Submit’ button and there goes all the ‘hard work’ in completing the filing. Jus like flushing the toilet, all gone … hahahaha!

*Phew* … I wan to R&R for tis wk!!!


Searching My Name in the Internet March 29, 2007

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Saw fr the newspaper tt one can easily find the address/tel of someone in the internet. So, I tested out with my name … … didn’t find my personal info; but saw the links to one of my two papers and a patent 8) .

Then, KPO, went to search the rest … eh, can find Big Fish & Small Fish too, but no Crocs.