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Adventurous Friday May 8, 2007

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Was stopped at the M’sia Customs when I wanna entered M’sia last Fri … why? bcos I dun hv an exit stamp for my last visit to M’sia. So, on records, I’m still in M’sia & hv over-stayed for 1yr.

Frightened was I, the Officer asked me to go to their office to record ‘statement’. So, my grp of frens hd to leave with the coach, and I was alone at the Customs. My immed thot was to go back to S’pore and not to meddle with M’sia Customs Officers; but tis wld mean tt I wld nvr allow to travel to M’sia again.

I went to their office, and was waiting outside comfortably watching TV, but my heart & mind were vy unsettled. After abt half an hour, the Officer settled my problem and brought me back to the place to wait for the next coach. Boy, I was so relief and thank the Officer profusely 😀 .

My nxt challenge was to find my way there to the hotel alone. Bcos of the customs issue, a few pple were alerted … me kiasi, so sms-ed pple to let them know where i was. So, when I reached KL, Jason asked Peng2 to fetch me instead of taking the cab bcos of safety concerns. But then, it wld take Peng2 some time to reach where I was bcos of the traffic jam & my grp of frens were waiting for my arrival to set off to another place vy vy soon. So no choice but to take the cab alone to the hotel. When I arrived safely at the hotel, everyone cheered. Subsequently, my frens were curious to know the whole saga with how, what, why, when, where, etc … …

Thank you my frens who helped to talk to the Officer, and Jason & Peng for ensuring my safety. Oh, not forgetting the two helpful & friendly M’sia Customs Officers, thank you very much.


Yummy Dumplings February 17, 2007

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Tis ex-colleague of mine vy good/nice to me … even though both of us had left SSMC, she still makes dumplings for me. Nancy, thanks a lot!!!

I like her dumpling ‘cos it’s juicy inside even if u pan-fry it, yummy yummy (BTW, her dumplings oso look vy cute, round round fat fat one) … oh, my tummy is making noise now. Gonna use some for today’s steamboat.

Wonder if all PRC make nice dumplings???


Cheers to 21yrs of Friendship!!! December 9, 2006

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After sooooo many yrs, we’re (7 of us) still able to REALLY ‘keep in touch’. In fact 3 of us knew each other since primary school, but only became good buddies when we were in secondary school.

A misunderstanding before GCE ‘A’ Level almost ‘killed’ the friendship, and both parties were hurt. Time passed, we grew wiser 🙂 and finally re-united a few yrs later, that was really a blessing and at least it won’t be a regret in my life.

Yesterday was a special day … we made an effort (incl one lost sheep) to hv our 1st makeover session together 🙂 . After all these yrs, we still enjoyed taking photos of funny/crazy poses, it was fun! We also had a good & loud laugh 😀 while browsing our old photos in a ‘quiet and high class’ restaurant.

The only difference now is tt we talk more about our kids 😉 .

Friendship needs commitment. A toast to our 21 years!!!