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Baker’s Corner June 12, 2007

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Prep for Baking Session

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I’m so tired. Everyone (at home) oledi sound asleep and I’m still looking at recipes for 2mr’s baking session *sigh*.

What to do … so long as the kids r happy.

– Chief Planner, aka Jia Bar Boh See Jou


Diff Pricing at Cold Storage June 5, 2007

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Mei called me to chk if I’m gg to prepare Kueh Pie Ti for the picnic. Such coincidence! I was discussing with Man the ingredients of KPT at the Jelita Cold Storage. She was at dunno-which-branch Cold Storage and asked if I needed her to buy the KPT cups. Giving a quick glance fr where I was, I didn’t see any KPT cups and hence I asked her to buy.

Happily she put down the phone. Less than a minute, she called again, “yr KPT nice or not?” … Silly Mei! Called jus to ask tis question. Not nice oso MUST eat!

Jus then, I found KPT cups and called her to chk if she had bot any. To our ‘horror’ 🙂 , she bot 75cups at $21+++, whereas mine was selling only at $19+++ for 80cups.

I do know tt pricing r not the same in all Cold Storage. Which Cold Storage did she go to, I wonder … …


Recipes for Suan Pan Zi (算盘子) & Chun Juan (春卷) March 19, 2007

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Hakka recipes from Mum & Big Aunt.

1) Suan Pan Zi (aka Abacus, ancient Chinese calculator 😀 )

What u’ll need: 2kg Yam (choose light wt one), 500g Starch & Pinch of Salt (ouch!!!)

a. Steam & mash the yam. Add salt & then the starch and knead into a dough.

b. Then make small balls of 15.000mm diameter (u’ll need a micrometer) and depress at the centre of the balls … they will then look like the suan pan zi (SPZ) 😉 .

c. Cook in boiling water. When those SPZ float on the water, remove and put them into cold water (wow! SPA treatment). Continue with Part (3).

2) Chun Juan

What u’ll need: 500g Starch, 4cups of Water, 2 Eggs, Salt & Fish Sauce (to yr taste)

(Note: Mum used 1 egg and the CJ was vy QQQ like rubberband (toink, toink, toink). Aunt used 2 eggs and the CJ was easy to bite but not QQQ. So, to balance the 2 sides, use 1.5 eggs lor.)

a. Mix all ingredients together.

b. Put some cooking oil into a pan. Scoop the mixture and spread it onto the pan like pan-cake. The chefs stressed tt the mixture sticks easily to the pan, so hv to put quite a lot of oil or use non-stick pan.

c. Fold in the sides of this pan-cake to rectangular shape, and remove from pan when cooked. Do the same for the next one.

d. Cut the rectangular pan-cake to bite-size strips, and continue with Part (3).

3) The Final Touch
What u’ll need: Dried Mushrooms (Soaked & Shredded), Dried Shrimps, Dried Cuttlefish (Shredded), Minced Meat (Qty depends on how generous u r) & Garlic. For serving: Sprint, oops it’s Spring Onion, Fried Shallot, Pepper.

a. Put some cooking oil into the pan. Stir-fry all ingredients to bring out the flavours & aroma.

b. Add in either SPZ or CJ. Add salt/soy sauce/fish sauce to taste.

Serve with spring onion, fried shallot and a dash (Oooh, not too fast) of pepper.


2hrs for Donutz March 15, 2007

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Tink I must b nutz to queue for abt 2hrs for some donuts.

Was told by my sis who hearsay fr someone/somewhere tt this donut ‘melts in yr mouth’. Since we were in a hurry and the queue was quite long, we didn’t buy any on Tuesday.

Today, we (my girls and I) were walking past and again saw a long queue there. I thot that mayb the queue wld move fast, then we cld buy some to test whether the donuts were really good or not. Boy, never did i expect the tortoise to move faster than the queue.

Initially I wanted to buy jus 3 donuts. But in the end I bought 2 dozens … why??? Because after queuing for almost 2hrs, who in the right mind wld oni buy 3 donuts!!! Good biz strategy.

Well, u must b vy curious how good were those 2hrs donuts. They were soft and definitely delicious, especially when they were eaten fresh and hot. But … but … but … if u asked me to queue 2hrs again for these donuts, I won’t lor.

From pple who hd tasted the donutz … …

Noelle: [Took one bite and left on the table for Gong Gong]

Xavier: Sanyi, can you buy more chocolate one next time?

Ah Mei: Mmmm, ho jia, ho jia … good, vy soft.



Yummy Dumplings February 17, 2007

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Tis ex-colleague of mine vy good/nice to me … even though both of us had left SSMC, she still makes dumplings for me. Nancy, thanks a lot!!!

I like her dumpling ‘cos it’s juicy inside even if u pan-fry it, yummy yummy (BTW, her dumplings oso look vy cute, round round fat fat one) … oh, my tummy is making noise now. Gonna use some for today’s steamboat.

Wonder if all PRC make nice dumplings???