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Baker’s Corner June 12, 2007

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Prep for Baking Session

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I’m so tired. Everyone (at home) oledi sound asleep and I’m still looking at recipes for 2mr’s baking session *sigh*.

What to do … so long as the kids r happy.

– Chief Planner, aka Jia Bar Boh See Jou


Diff Pricing at Cold Storage June 5, 2007

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Mei called me to chk if I’m gg to prepare Kueh Pie Ti for the picnic. Such coincidence! I was discussing with Man the ingredients of KPT at the Jelita Cold Storage. She was at dunno-which-branch Cold Storage and asked if I needed her to buy the KPT cups. Giving a quick glance fr where I was, I didn’t see any KPT cups and hence I asked her to buy.

Happily she put down the phone. Less than a minute, she called again, “yr KPT nice or not?” … Silly Mei! Called jus to ask tis question. Not nice oso MUST eat!

Jus then, I found KPT cups and called her to chk if she had bot any. To our ‘horror’ 🙂 , she bot 75cups at $21+++, whereas mine was selling only at $19+++ for 80cups.

I do know tt pricing r not the same in all Cold Storage. Which Cold Storage did she go to, I wonder … …


Makeover Bags

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Was clearing some ‘rubbish’ in the hse today, when I landed upon these 2 goodies bags fr Qantas, which were given to the girls during the flight.

I decided to give them a makeover. First I removed all tags and labels, then I searched high & low for 2 little soft toys and put my creativity to work. Bingo! Here are the ‘after-makeover’ pics of the bags:

(1) Big Bird Catching Butterfly


(2) Doggie and Poo



Can Rest or Cannot Rest June 4, 2007

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Dun understand why this statement is incorrect … …


Today, I collected Ashley’s report book cum papers; and found the above 完成句子 was wrong and cost her 2marks.

The answer is … …

吃完晚饭后, 我和爸爸妈妈在客厅谈天

Grammatically, is there error in the 1st statement???

Or is it ‘politically’ more correct to have a chat after dinner than to rest???

I really dunno … but today, after lunch, I went to rest leh … cannot meh???


Ashley Skpye-ing With Daddy May 29, 2007

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Ashley was playing internet games on my PC when Daddy sent a skype … below was the conversation:

[4:19:32 PM] Man says: u still there?
[4:22:21 PM] Felicia says: hello, i am ashley mummy is sleeping i am playing mummy computer 🙂
[4:22:51 PM] Man says: is georgia also sleeping?
[4:23:42 PM] Felicia says: yes (yawn)
[4:24:14 PM] Man says: why aren’t you sleeping then? :^)
[4:25:47 PM] Felicia says: i cannot sleep
[4:26:22 PM] Man says: what else did you do at home today?
[4:32:27 PM] Felicia says: i do my abacus (whew) and now my hand is going to break ;(
[4:33:43 PM] Man says: ok i’m going back to work. bye bye
[4:34:20 PM] Felicia says: bye 🙂

Find it quite amusing when she said her hand was breaking ‘cos of abacus homework (plus the Skype animated emoticons, the statement seems even funnier) … i thot it shd b due to internet gaming???


Where R U, Voice???

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Sianzzzzz … lost my voice to my vy dry throat. It was so dry tt I woke up to take Manuka honey during my slp last nite. Tink the char kuey tiao, char hei mee, roti prata and chilli crabs hd made it worst … price paid for tum jia! Hv not been feeling well since return, even the massage ytd didn’t help much. Sianzzzzzzzzzz … …

Brought the girls to the playground early in the morning. Was surprised tt we were the only fmy there. Normally, there will b a lot of PRC fmy there … a sign of sch holiday, guess they hv returned to their homeland.

BTW, Eudora delivered her BB today at Mt. A. Congratulations, Khim!!!