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Makeover Bags June 5, 2007

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Was clearing some ‘rubbish’ in the hse today, when I landed upon these 2 goodies bags fr Qantas, which were given to the girls during the flight.

I decided to give them a makeover. First I removed all tags and labels, then I searched high & low for 2 little soft toys and put my creativity to work. Bingo! Here are the ‘after-makeover’ pics of the bags:

(1) Big Bird Catching Butterfly


(2) Doggie and Poo



3 Responses to “Makeover Bags”

  1. jy Says:

    hehe… tt doggie i buy 1.. 😛

    anyway.. really nice makeover… 3yi… can haf a DIY session too leh… den used unwanted jeans to make bags n stuff…

  2. jaws Says:

    Thot of having an art session for the younger kids … u know, must b simple for them to do and for me to clean up too 🙂 .
    Talking abt jeans. My Levi501 looks like gg to tear at the butts side. While shopping at Levi for another pair, they no longer carry Ladies’ 501 and they r selling 501 around $180! So, I thot mayb I’ll do something to my jeans, then sell it 😀 .

  3. jy Says:

    haha… e jean 1 for me, wy n des lor…
    art session… younger kids… hmm… card makin?! dunno lar…

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