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Diff Pricing at Cold Storage June 5, 2007

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Mei called me to chk if I’m gg to prepare Kueh Pie Ti for the picnic. Such coincidence! I was discussing with Man the ingredients of KPT at the Jelita Cold Storage. She was at dunno-which-branch Cold Storage and asked if I needed her to buy the KPT cups. Giving a quick glance fr where I was, I didn’t see any KPT cups and hence I asked her to buy.

Happily she put down the phone. Less than a minute, she called again, “yr KPT nice or not?” … Silly Mei! Called jus to ask tis question. Not nice oso MUST eat!

Jus then, I found KPT cups and called her to chk if she had bot any. To our ‘horror’ πŸ™‚ , she bot 75cups at $21+++, whereas mine was selling only at $19+++ for 80cups.

I do know tt pricing r not the same in all Cold Storage. Which Cold Storage did she go to, I wonder … …


4 Responses to “Diff Pricing at Cold Storage”

  1. strongstrong Says:

    Hers was the cold storage in Novena Square. Maybe we must check the brand and the “size” of the cups.

  2. 3yi Says:

    Today’s KPT not tt ideal, too salty 😦 . But the picnic @Botanic Gdn was vy successful … nice weather, dads entertaining the kids, while mums chit-chatting under the trees.

  3. strongstrong Says:

    Quite successful, I say too. Photo shots, freesbee, soccer, fishing by the pond for soccer balls and freesbies, Da Yi doing stretching trying to reach for the freesbees and soccer balls, kids rolling down the slope, making soil erosion happen faster, Xuan Zhi kena chase by dog. It was nice indeed. We should have one next time. But remember to bring card boards.

  4. jy Says:

    wah… i’m not dere!!! πŸ˜₯

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