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Can Rest or Cannot Rest June 4, 2007

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Dun understand why this statement is incorrect … …


Today, I collected Ashley’s report book cum papers; and found the above 完成句子 was wrong and cost her 2marks.

The answer is … …

吃完晚饭后, 我和爸爸妈妈在客厅谈天

Grammatically, is there error in the 1st statement???

Or is it ‘politically’ more correct to have a chat after dinner than to rest???

I really dunno … but today, after lunch, I went to rest leh … cannot meh???


8 Responses to “Can Rest or Cannot Rest”

  1. roly poly Says:

    nothing wrong with sentence. Just like Des’ science paper, there was a question on a tank with water plants and a thin film of oil, and students suppose to know what will happen to the plants (1 mark) – Des’ answer: they will die. Expected answer: film of oil prevents air from entering,….and they will eventually die (4 liners). Pie tan man….

    Also had similar encounter with her 造句. Sentence structure is correct, juz that the context is a bit out of the ordinary. thought they are encouraging students to think out of the box?

  2. 1Mk is impt leh Says:

    Walau, 1mk oso need to write so long.

  3. jy Says:

    wah… y like tt 1? e tcher dunno how to b flexible 1 sia…

    e des science qns hor… shld b able to get 1/2 mark bah?!

    2yi… post e wrong qns leh…

  4. bibo Says:

    hah!my sci last time my cher oso mark lyk des cher 1 leh…mus give long long lyk prof. lyk tt…

  5. strongstrong Says:

    Can get the teacher to write a tender letter and tender her resignation. Wat the heck ! My kids are not going to be taught by some square headed teachers who don’t know what is called flexibility. Yeh right, think out of the box and their heads all like box like that .. square one !! For the complete the sentence thingy, Ashley isn’t wrong at all. If it is a chinese language paper, it should focus on the command of language but not logic or politics. In this scenario, its more of a health issue being mixed with chinese language. What the hell man. Can tell that square teacher to be focused.

  6. strongstrong Says:

    Future Scenario of complete the sentence:

    When my plants die, ………..

    A kids answer-> I feel sad.

    A stoooopid teachers answer -> the plants will decay and decompose to become fertilizers for the soil.

    English or chinese language lessons become science cum language lessons liao !!

  7. jaws Says:

    we don’t call ourselves ‘kiasu’ for n’thing one.
    luckily, u can start to coach yr son to give rounded answers.

  8. strongstrong Says:

    Just pray my son won’t kena the spongebob teachers.

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