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I’m Migrating AGAIN!!! June 13, 2007

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Dear Fellow mummyDear Followers,

mummyDear is on the move AGAIN … pls visit and link me at

Pls do NOT leave comments here anymore … reserve yr say and post it at my new site.



Baker’s Corner June 12, 2007

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Prep for Baking Session

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I’m so tired. Everyone (at home) oledi sound asleep and I’m still looking at recipes for 2mr’s baking session *sigh*.

What to do … so long as the kids r happy.

– Chief Planner, aka Jia Bar Boh See Jou


Diff Pricing at Cold Storage June 5, 2007

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Mei called me to chk if I’m gg to prepare Kueh Pie Ti for the picnic. Such coincidence! I was discussing with Man the ingredients of KPT at the Jelita Cold Storage. She was at dunno-which-branch Cold Storage and asked if I needed her to buy the KPT cups. Giving a quick glance fr where I was, I didn’t see any KPT cups and hence I asked her to buy.

Happily she put down the phone. Less than a minute, she called again, “yr KPT nice or not?” … Silly Mei! Called jus to ask tis question. Not nice oso MUST eat!

Jus then, I found KPT cups and called her to chk if she had bot any. To our ‘horror’ 🙂 , she bot 75cups at $21+++, whereas mine was selling only at $19+++ for 80cups.

I do know tt pricing r not the same in all Cold Storage. Which Cold Storage did she go to, I wonder … …


Makeover Bags

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Was clearing some ‘rubbish’ in the hse today, when I landed upon these 2 goodies bags fr Qantas, which were given to the girls during the flight.

I decided to give them a makeover. First I removed all tags and labels, then I searched high & low for 2 little soft toys and put my creativity to work. Bingo! Here are the ‘after-makeover’ pics of the bags:

(1) Big Bird Catching Butterfly


(2) Doggie and Poo



Can Rest or Cannot Rest June 4, 2007

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Dun understand why this statement is incorrect … …


Today, I collected Ashley’s report book cum papers; and found the above 完成句子 was wrong and cost her 2marks.

The answer is … …

吃完晚饭后, 我和爸爸妈妈在客厅谈天

Grammatically, is there error in the 1st statement???

Or is it ‘politically’ more correct to have a chat after dinner than to rest???

I really dunno … but today, after lunch, I went to rest leh … cannot meh???


MAAD June 2, 2007

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Drop by MAAD mkt at 12noon today. Dunno was it too early, tt there weren’t too many stalls or crowd.

Majority of the stalls were selling costume jeweleries and accessories, only a few caught my attention to look at what they were selling. We only spent abt half an hr there and we left empty handed.

Though location is vy near to Tanjong Pagar MRT, but the crowd is not there. It wld b gd if the mkt can shift to Esplanade, and get more artists, designers and musicians to showcase their talents.