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ABCDEFGH May 30, 2007

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A told B rental $800, so B told C, who wanted to rent a hse urgently.

C called D (being the agent) to arr for viewing. D told C the rental is $1k (‘cos mkt oledi vy crazy, calling at $1.2k), and abt comm & stamp duty.

C told E, E called D to confirm. Unsatisfied with D answers, E told F, F called D’s mgr, G.

G called D to understand the situation. G clarified with F tt D’s information/procedure conformed to the Co’s policies.

C called D to cancel the viewing, ‘cos C cldn’t afford the rental.

D’s mum, H, called to ask if the hse was rented out. D told H the deal was off. H said y not rent at $800 and save all the troubles??? D told H, “Bcos I’m an agent, I work for my client.”

How wld u handle if u were A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, … … whose hat r u wearing?


3 Responses to “ABCDEFGH”

  1. roly poly Says:

    Since B told C S$800, why not C go direct to A thru B, why must go thru agent? In this way, the other people will not be in the loop.

    If C is not permitted to go direct, then as owner, of course i will ask for as high a price as i can fetch as per market rate. The agent for owner should ask and advise on market rate based on condition and other factors. Then if the higher price is not affordable, then too bad lor, bad timing lor.

  2. Multi Hats Says:

    Thot I’m wearing D’s hat to act for the best interest of A, or do i actually hv to wear cousin’s, niece’s or daughter’s hat and jus simply close the case.
    Then, if the tenant is kaki nang, I may hv acted differently ‘cos of kuanxi … am i contradicting myself???

  3. mummydear Says:

    D closed deal at $1.2k today, and D hinted A to give treat to those pple who had helped her 😛 .

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