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Where R U, Voice??? May 29, 2007

Filed under: Family — mummydear @ 2:13 pm

Sianzzzzz … lost my voice to my vy dry throat. It was so dry tt I woke up to take Manuka honey during my slp last nite. Tink the char kuey tiao, char hei mee, roti prata and chilli crabs hd made it worst … price paid for tum jia! Hv not been feeling well since return, even the massage ytd didn’t help much. Sianzzzzzzzzzz … …

Brought the girls to the playground early in the morning. Was surprised tt we were the only fmy there. Normally, there will b a lot of PRC fmy there … a sign of sch holiday, guess they hv returned to their homeland.

BTW, Eudora delivered her BB today at Mt. A. Congratulations, Khim!!!


One Response to “Where R U, Voice???”

  1. strongstrong Says:

    Yeh Congrats KIM.

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