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Ashley Skpye-ing With Daddy May 29, 2007

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Ashley was playing internet games on my PC when Daddy sent a skype … below was the conversation:

[4:19:32 PM] Man says: u still there?
[4:22:21 PM] Felicia says: hello, i am ashley mummy is sleeping i am playing mummy computer šŸ™‚
[4:22:51 PM] Man says: is georgia also sleeping?
[4:23:42 PM] Felicia says: yes (yawn)
[4:24:14 PM] Man says: why aren’t you sleeping then? :^)
[4:25:47 PM] Felicia says: i cannot sleep
[4:26:22 PM] Man says: what else did you do at home today?
[4:32:27 PM] Felicia says: i do my abacus (whew) and now my hand is going to break ;(
[4:33:43 PM] Man says: ok i’m going back to work. bye bye
[4:34:20 PM] Felicia says: bye šŸ™‚

Find it quite amusing when she said her hand was breaking ‘cos of abacus homework (plus the Skype animated emoticons, the statement seems even funnier) … i thot it shd b due to internet gaming???


6 Responses to “Ashley Skpye-ing With Daddy”

  1. jy Says:

    haha… so cute… šŸ˜›

  2. strongstrong Says:

    Ashley play internet gaming ?

  3. jaws Says:

    Tink she is ‘rearing’ a neopet. She started b4 we went to Australia, and when we came back, her pet is dying of hunger. So, she searched for food and later it became bloated … hahaha … luckily she didn’t hv a real pet.

  4. jy Says:

    sound so much like neopets sia.. haha… me, wy n xz oso playin šŸ˜›

  5. strongstrong Says:

    ohhhh. Like that feed the pets hor, I think will have gastric problems one. Hee .. Anyway, when kids go primary school or secondary school, must be very careful of what the surf in the internet. You know what I mean hor .. because I heard stories of such happening for Primary school kids.

  6. 3yi Says:

    BTW, Snr Man had finally fixed a super slow computer for Ashley. So, she has started to blog again … see her latest entry at

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