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Back fr Australia May 27, 2007

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Hi Hi, I’m back!

Wow, what a trip! Came back fr Australia Gold Coast last nite. A long 2-wk trip was vy tiring, and at Victoria, it was vy cold and chilling … terrible.

Hate long trip on the plane, make me sick! Was fighting hard, but lost the battle and vomited when the plane touched down. Yucks!

Oh, time to pick up things and work hard to mend that burnt pockets of us … sad, isn’t it?


7 Responses to “Back fr Australia”

  1. rolypoly Says:

    sadder if work and earn $$$$ and have no chance to spend!

  2. strongstrong Says:

    She is referring to herself. Hee. You will have your chance one lah roly.

    Didn’t know MD has flying problems too. I hate flying too !! Really Really detest flying. Not because I get sick. Because I don’t really trust two fellows flying one piece of metal so high up in the air. Just don’t feel good and got phobia flying. The best part of my trip is when I am on my flight back to Singapore, the stupid turbulence is like never ending !!! Wah lao !!

  3. jy Says:

    haha… me love flyin sia… so nice lor… can c scenery!

  4. jaws Says:

    i wonder wat scenery r u talking abt??? Only during take off or landing, then u can see the land, etc. The rest of the time, it’s jus clouds; and during nite time, it’s n’thing.
    Actually, i hate long dist travel by any transport. 1stly, i dun like to be confined to small spaces, and 2ndly, i get landsick, seasick, airsick easily 😦 .

  5. jy Says:

    gt mah… somremore veri nice de… tt time i go china… den can c e land, e sea n stuff.. nice mah… where gt no nice?

  6. roly poly Says:

    too bad jy, yr height and weight, not qualify to be air stewardess…hehe

  7. jy Says:

    -_-”’veri funny!

    dun wanna b air stewardess oso… go open e ice-cream/yogurt/wadeva-food-related shop wid 3yi.. haha

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