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Go Spidey Go May 10, 2007

Filed under: Family — mummydear @ 12:46 am

Jus came back fr Spidey show at Marina Sq. Has anyone catch the show yet?

GG fell asleep … not bcos the show was boring, but she didn’t take her afternoon nap so was too tired. When she woke up later on, she cld even tell us why she didn’t finish the show. 😀

Action packed show, some scenes were actually funny. But hor, with all the falls & punches, those supermen were really tough guys … pa buay see.  I tink the main thing abt tis show is forgiveness.


4 Responses to “Go Spidey Go”

  1. jaws Says:

    overheard at shopping centre … 失败的man.

  2. jy Says:

    last time gt 1 tv series gt use spiderman name leh… n it means 失败的man in tt show…

  3. strongstrong Says:

    damn lame. Anyway, I think this series of spiderman was a good one. I watched with Xavier, he keep asking why they keep fighting one !! I was thinking, wah piang eh ! Pay so much of course must see fighting lah ! Pay so much for love story meh ! The third installment of spiderman was good because there are more actions than talking.

    MummyDear: Now you mention it, forgiveness. Its really about forgiveness. You watch show got think of such thing one ah ! I brainless one, watch finish, just forget bout it. Hee.

  4. jaws Says:

    No lah, not every show i see i tink … usually i prefer not to tink ‘cos tt’s the pt of catching a movie to relax mah. tt’s oso why i read and not watch Da Vinci Code, ‘cos my brain isn’t fast enough to digest during the 2hrs show … likely i’ll come out blurrrrr and like Xavier, keep asking Man why, why, why? Stress man.

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