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Brain Exercise 2 May 9, 2007

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1) Square paper tiles of side 2cm are cut from a rectangular piece of paper 9cm by 4cm. What is the maximum number of tiles one can get?

2) 3 oranges and 2 mangoes cost as much as 9 oranges and 1 mango. If each mango costs $1.50, find the cost of 1 orange.

3) Jack and I have $150 altogether. If Mother gives me another $30. I will have twice as much as Jack. How much money have I at first?

4) Joe went to a party and met 3 friends. If the four of them shook hands with one another once, how many handshakes were made?

5) Find the sum of 1+3+5+ … +95+97+99

***** Solutions (Updated on 3 June 07) *****



5 Responses to “Brain Exercise 2”

  1. jy Says:

    1) draw diagram… or jus count e no. of tiles tt can b fit nicely @ each side den multiple.

    2) tis 1 hor… can use diagram oso… or model…

    3) model….

    4) draw diagram…

    5) tis qns gt formula… bt i forget e formula liao… 😛

  2. strongstrong Says:

    Questions are too easy, cannot answer.

  3. rolypoly Says:

    strongstrong, wait till your son tell you this when he can’t do his maths problem. you are not far from that..hehe

  4. bibo Says:


    2)1 mango=6oranges
    1 orange=1/6*1.50




  5. mummydear Says:

    Solutions updated liao.
    Bibo, u got 3 correct.

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