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ABCDEFGH May 30, 2007

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A told B rental $800, so B told C, who wanted to rent a hse urgently.

C called D (being the agent) to arr for viewing. D told C the rental is $1k (‘cos mkt oledi vy crazy, calling at $1.2k), and abt comm & stamp duty.

C told E, E called D to confirm. Unsatisfied with D answers, E told F, F called D’s mgr, G.

G called D to understand the situation. G clarified with F tt D’s information/procedure conformed to the Co’s policies.

C called D to cancel the viewing, ‘cos C cldn’t afford the rental.

D’s mum, H, called to ask if the hse was rented out. D told H the deal was off. H said y not rent at $800 and save all the troubles??? D told H, “Bcos I’m an agent, I work for my client.”

How wld u handle if u were A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, … … whose hat r u wearing?


Ashley Skpye-ing With Daddy May 29, 2007

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Ashley was playing internet games on my PC when Daddy sent a skype … below was the conversation:

[4:19:32 PM] Man says: u still there?
[4:22:21 PM] Felicia says: hello, i am ashley mummy is sleeping i am playing mummy computer 🙂
[4:22:51 PM] Man says: is georgia also sleeping?
[4:23:42 PM] Felicia says: yes (yawn)
[4:24:14 PM] Man says: why aren’t you sleeping then? :^)
[4:25:47 PM] Felicia says: i cannot sleep
[4:26:22 PM] Man says: what else did you do at home today?
[4:32:27 PM] Felicia says: i do my abacus (whew) and now my hand is going to break ;(
[4:33:43 PM] Man says: ok i’m going back to work. bye bye
[4:34:20 PM] Felicia says: bye 🙂

Find it quite amusing when she said her hand was breaking ‘cos of abacus homework (plus the Skype animated emoticons, the statement seems even funnier) … i thot it shd b due to internet gaming???


Where R U, Voice???

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Sianzzzzz … lost my voice to my vy dry throat. It was so dry tt I woke up to take Manuka honey during my slp last nite. Tink the char kuey tiao, char hei mee, roti prata and chilli crabs hd made it worst … price paid for tum jia! Hv not been feeling well since return, even the massage ytd didn’t help much. Sianzzzzzzzzzz … …

Brought the girls to the playground early in the morning. Was surprised tt we were the only fmy there. Normally, there will b a lot of PRC fmy there … a sign of sch holiday, guess they hv returned to their homeland.

BTW, Eudora delivered her BB today at Mt. A. Congratulations, Khim!!!


Back fr Australia May 27, 2007

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Hi Hi, I’m back!

Wow, what a trip! Came back fr Australia Gold Coast last nite. A long 2-wk trip was vy tiring, and at Victoria, it was vy cold and chilling … terrible.

Hate long trip on the plane, make me sick! Was fighting hard, but lost the battle and vomited when the plane touched down. Yucks!

Oh, time to pick up things and work hard to mend that burnt pockets of us … sad, isn’t it?


Go Spidey Go May 10, 2007

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Jus came back fr Spidey show at Marina Sq. Has anyone catch the show yet?

GG fell asleep … not bcos the show was boring, but she didn’t take her afternoon nap so was too tired. When she woke up later on, she cld even tell us why she didn’t finish the show. 😀

Action packed show, some scenes were actually funny. But hor, with all the falls & punches, those supermen were really tough guys … pa buay see.  I tink the main thing abt tis show is forgiveness.


Parents Taking SA1 May 9, 2007

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😀 Basically when kids r having exams, so r the parents.

Although SA1 carries only a certain wt-age to the final SA2, but jus can’t help not to feel kan cheong. Finally, today is Ashley’s last paper, both of us can relax liao 🙂 . Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!


Brain Exercise 2

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1) Square paper tiles of side 2cm are cut from a rectangular piece of paper 9cm by 4cm. What is the maximum number of tiles one can get?

2) 3 oranges and 2 mangoes cost as much as 9 oranges and 1 mango. If each mango costs $1.50, find the cost of 1 orange.

3) Jack and I have $150 altogether. If Mother gives me another $30. I will have twice as much as Jack. How much money have I at first?

4) Joe went to a party and met 3 friends. If the four of them shook hands with one another once, how many handshakes were made?

5) Find the sum of 1+3+5+ … +95+97+99

***** Solutions (Updated on 3 June 07) *****