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Blame It on The Rain (Part1) April 24, 2007

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Blame it on the rain … …

My area is served by tis feeder bus 284, tt has only 3 bus-stops (BS – for bus-stop, not bullshit) in its route.

All the BS

Tink early last yr I feedback to the town council (TC) to build another BS at Blk 372, bcos during rainy days, residents staying opp of BS2 and Sunset Way will get ‘trapped’ at BS2. Hence the new BS will help the situation bcos of the covered walkway.

Well, vy simply, TC said it was not their problem (of course, they put it nicely lah) and referred me to LTA. The TC officer even suggested tt I use BS3 instead. Thank you vy much, officer, u know how far or not snaking around??!! So, I took my case to LTA, the officer said tt they wld look into the matter and tt was 1yr ago … tink the queue must b damn looooooooong. No wonder pple like to email to the MPs directly now.

Ytd, sky dark dark when I fetch Ashley fr sch, so decided to take the bus. We waited for >10mins, the sky still dark dark then. When the bus stopped at BS2, there was a sudden downpour (suay, rite?). We (there was also another elderly woman) waited a while, but the rain didn’t get any lighter. So, Ashley put on her raincoat. Me leh, got to hold the umbrella, carried Ashley’s damn heavy bag & got to ensure tt it won’t get wet, and another free hand to hold Ashley to cross 4 lanes of road. By the time we reached the centre divider, lower half of my body oledi wet thru’out; and Ashley felt cold. Mayb if I rushed home w/o taking the bus when the sky dark dark, then I won’t b so wet. Mayb if they were considerate enough to build BS4, then the young and the elderly will not hv to brave the storm to go home, safe and sound.

$#&$@! Blame it on the rain lah!


2 Responses to “Blame It on The Rain (Part1)”

  1. strongstrong Says:

    Uh .. tell you what, next time writing to LTA or MP close to the Voting period. Confirm will be build. You want gold buddha statue, they also build for you ah !

  2. mummydear Says:

    I vy nice one … I purposely waited until it was over to see if they work or not w/o being pressurized (actually, there’s no opposition here, so oso no pressure). Then, for the nxt election, feedback again, will know if they oni work during election. Thot it was a vy simple thing to jus build a BS, but things ding dong here and there … follow the law mah, u’re in S’pore man.

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