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Silent Nite April 21, 2007

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Oh … … peaceful nite, I mean now.

Kids oledi went to bed bcos they didn’t hv afternoon nap, and burnt out liao playing the whole day by themselves (hehehe, good to hv 2 kids who entertain themselves). Usually, they settle down at 11pm and fall asleep only at 12mn! By then, I oso vy tired liao.

Quiet nite … with radio at the b/gnd and sound fr the ‘fountain’ of my fish tank … Cool 8) .

What am I doing? Going thru’ IRAS notes on tax filing lor, then will go back to do my accounts again. Sianzzzzzzzzz … …


12 Responses to “Silent Nite”

  1. jy Says:

    nice scenery… bad timing… lol

    hope u get ur stuff done soon…

    dun 4get tml german cls!!!

  2. jy Says:

    oops… shld b 2dae….

  3. shawn_ahdior Says:

    huh san yi go german class with yer ah ?!?!?

  4. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Too bad you gotta do IRAS. Sometimes, with everything being very quiet, cool breeze from the window, it really feels good. You will also wonder if night time is actually not that scary but more peaceful than day. Just imagine if your house is just by the sea, OMG !! I won’t ever want to sleep liao.

  5. LubbishBin Says:

    i like nite time bcos it’s quiet and peaceful (nvr ever thot tt it’s scary). Find tt my brain works better when it’s late at nite; but will hv difficulty recover on the next day, fr the sleep lost.
    Last yr, went to view a condo, Oceanfront @Sentosa Cove, the seaview is damn majestic and over-whelming, so gd if can own a unit there.

  6. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Sentosa Cove .. Wah !! $$$$$$$$ leh !! Maybe try using wallpaper … then stare at the wallpaper lor …

  7. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Sianz.. next time my Calrose, balcony see the wall of the terrace house. Sianz …. Maybe I can paint some sea view on the wall !?!??!?

  8. LubbishBin Says:

    Hehehe went there for proj briefing, hence got chance to view the condo + the view. Tis kind of seaview worth to buy. The low flr units make one feels tt the sea is jus soooooo close.
    As for yr balcony (thot is PES?), plant bamboo at the edge of the balcony to cover the view lor šŸ˜‰ .

  9. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Yeh .. Balcony equivalent. I think need a landscape of sort to at least make the water flowing sound loud loud, should be okay then.

  10. Contractor Says:

    U wanna install waterfall???

  11. strongstrong Says:

    ahh waterfall .. good. Then I can sit under the waterfall and meditate, then can attain nevana !

  12. PCKang Says:

    sorry dunno how to post pix here, refer to my email.

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