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Arrrrrrrrgh! Tax Filing! April 10, 2007

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It’s so stressful when it comes to April every yr, ‘cos of tax filing.

Well, if yours is sent in electronically by yr employer to IRAS, then it is a breeze. Me got to go thru’ everything and do my best to ensure tt the accounting part was correct … sometimes, got confused & had to re-chk again.

Clicked on the ‘Submit’ button and there goes all the ‘hard work’ in completing the filing. Jus like flushing the toilet, all gone … hahahaha!

*Phew* … I wan to R&R for tis wk!!!


9 Responses to “Arrrrrrrrgh! Tax Filing!”

  1. Fully Automated Says:

    E Filing ? What is that ? My employer file electronically one .. So no need to do extra. Some more, Wifey do the rest. So wat is e-filing huh ? Can eat one or not ?

  2. jy Says:

    wad is R&R???

  3. LubbishBin Says:

    Rest n Relax 🙂

  4. mummydear Says:

    Walau eh!!! Today receive IRAS letter saying tt I didn’t file FormP by 15 Apr. They want me to submit the form + $50 composition fee within 14d, else they will summon me and the penalty is $1000!!!
    Me, vy gd citizen one, posted the FormP in early Apr, how come the mail missing leh???!!!
    U see lah, suay or not. 马票没中,中summon!

  5. mummydear Says:

    Called IRAS … they said the FormP requested is last yr one, which i didn’t file.
    Tis the 1st time I rec’d FormP for my Partnership account; for the past 2yrs didn’t rec’d such form. The Officer then told me tt I shd hv called them if I didn’t receive the form. But in the 1st place, I didn’t even know tt I need to file FormP. Mayb I overlook tis req’dment lor, so learnt a $50 lesson.
    The Officer hor, unfriendly and impatient to explain things to me. So, jus asked her to send the form to me. Is it tt she didn’t get her pay increment?????

  6. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Complain to her supervisor. Since must pay 50 dollars, might as well make it worthwhile right. Its now all about service leh. Even Garment Office must talk about service. So why they special ah. IRAS BIG AH !!! Complain to her supervisor. Make her scared for a while.

  7. mummydear Says:

    Aiya, me dun bother. When I heard wat she said, oledi vy vy sian liao. *Sigh* I’m back to my stress mode 😦 . Where’s my accountant bro???

  8. mummydear Says:

    To b fair, I tink Garment officers hv improved a lot in their services. Majority tt I come across r actually vy friendly & helpful. Nxt time, when Small Fish on duty, let’s call her line and chk if her service is up to standard … hahahahaha.

  9. jy Says:

    ur accountant bro in thailand…. wanna go dere ask him help u do??? hehe

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