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Mechatronica (in conjunction with Singapore Arts Festival 2007) March 29, 2007

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While browsing Esplanade’s programmes in my email, I came across Mechatronica fr Japan.

What is Mechatronica??? I wondered. So, I clicked on the Esplanade’s link to view the clips on their performance and behind the scenes.

Wow!!! From designing and making the instruments to setting up the performance, the whole process looked so tedious and challenging. These pple must hv super great passion in what they are doing.

Thot of catching their only one show at Esplanade on 8 June, 730pm. Anyone wants to go? Ahem, ticket at $38+ pax, early bird package of 4 at $130+ (ie $32.50+), student $28+.

And their website is at Mechatronica.


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