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Searching My Name in the Internet March 29, 2007

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Saw fr the newspaper tt one can easily find the address/tel of someone in the internet. So, I tested out with my name … … didn’t find my personal info; but saw the links to one of my two papers and a patent 8) .

Then, KPO, went to search the rest … eh, can find Big Fish & Small Fish too, but no Crocs.


10 Responses to “Searching My Name in the Internet”

  1. GC Says:

    You can find my name and paper too. 1st one on the page.

  2. strongstrong Says:

    whats the link ? Or just google search name ah

  3. jaws Says:

    Yah, just search for ‘Rambu Tan’ or ‘Tan Rambu’ … 😀

  4. Liu Lian Says:

    Okay will try… But I got a feeling, will get the definition of a hairy fruit. Address will be some plantation address…

  5. jy Says:

    haha… i heard frm 100.3FM… den serch for company is yellow page… search personal is white page… can request not to put e add if u dun wan… must inform e… erh… dunno inform hu… lol

  6. jaws Says:

    oic … i went to white page and type Popo’s name, yah, can see address & tel.

  7. Unknown Says:

    I cannot find my name leh. Search Tan Chin Kuok, don’t have. Can tell me the link or not. Maybe I don’t exist !

  8. FBI Says:

    Search Results:
    JP Morgan Chase, 2006 Singapore, Top Male Finishers:
    1166 Chin Kuok Tan 39:00

    You’re not listed in the White Pages because:
    1) You’re too stingy to install a phone line, OR
    2) Your wife is in control, hence the phone line is registered under her name, OR
    3) You feel insecure, and has asked your phone line operator to keep your line private, OR
    4) You sure you exist??!!

  9. jy Says:

    his hse no telephone lor!!

  10. Unknown Says:

    Point 1 is not true because point 2 is true. Because of point 2, point 3 became true. Since it came to a stage that point 2 is true and leads to point 3 becoming true, I was wondering, if point 4 is also a question I must ponder upon.

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