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Why (Top Govt) Pay Must Go Up March 23, 2007

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Well, I’m not gg to argue abt tis, but wld like to put my 1cent worth on the salaries of 6 professions/sectors tt they benchmark with.

In the ST front page, it lists the income of top 8 earners of these 6 professions:

Lawyer: $4.29mil

Accountant: $3.72mil

Banker: $3.33mil

MNC: $2.70mil

Local Manufacturer: $2.30mil

Engineer: $0.62mil

Did u see? Did u see? Engineer, how PATHETIC!!! Doesn’t even cross $1mil!!!

Banking industry is in need of bankers now. They are willing to train the in-experience one (reported in ST some times ago). So, Engineers, WAKE UP!!! What r u waiting for, chiong ah!!!


4 Responses to “Why (Top Govt) Pay Must Go Up”

  1. strongstrong Says:

    Do they train in-experience lawyer huh ?? Wanna jia(4), jia(4) the big fish mah. Heh heh, anyway, I have got no complains about engineers pay because it isn’t some life and death thingy, worst case software or hardware don’t work lor. Maybe Aero engineers might be more critical, not sure. But what I believe is you should earn what you do. If you think you are doing a lot, and earning shit, then I rather you quit and find a better job. Among the top few contenders in the pay scale, I think their life ain’t very easy one lor. Sure gotta work till like crazy to earn that much. In life, where got such thing as sit back and relax, let money come in. Even investment bears some risk and studies are also required right ?

  2. jaws Says:

    My Co’s top agent, who is oso fr my Division, earns abt $1mil every 2 or 3mths.
    Easy money??!! I dun tink so … a lot of hardwork, commitments and sacrifices one needs to give.
    So, choose and balance YOUR life.

  3. strongstrong Says:

    Precisely … It always look so glamorous on the outside. Deep inside each and every individuals there are very hard and sad sufferings they are bearing which nobody knows. I have an ex colleague who chose to leave the engineer line, getting sick of IT, and got himself into the auditing line. Now he is flying non stop and seldom see his wife and son. He told me, sometimes, when he is damn stress, he will go to one corner, and look at the photos of his wife and son. Its really that sad lor. So what do you actually wan ? Career and $$$$ vs family. Do you really need that much money in life to forgo family life ? You have to decide for yourself.

  4. croc Says:

    In one of the ST articles on the same topic, one of the top civil servants on the list is single and travels a lot. not sure what he will spend on with the big bucks he earns, cos he has no wife/kid to help him spend, travels most time on official trips (meaning expenses paid), no time to go shopping…sigh…what’s life??

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