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Dun Play Play with Crabs & Seafood March 22, 2007

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For your awareness … …

Read tis in today’s ST, “Man Dies after Crab Pricks Him”:

>>> He was preparing some live crabs for his family when one crab pricked him. At nite, he began vomiting and diarrhoea. The nxt day, he was admitted to hospital with irregular heart beat and low blood pressure. Within 48hrs fr tt incident, he died. He was infected by a rare flesh-eating bacteria, Vibrio. Apart fr crabs, it can be found in other seafood like fish and prawns.

>>> 1) There are many kinds of flesh-eating bacteria. When enter the body, they produce toxins tt destroy the soft tissue. Vibrio species live in salt water, and can be found particularly in OYSTER, CLAMS, CRABS and SHELLFISH.

>>> 2) One can get infected thru’ a break in the skin or a bite. The bacteria, however, are destroyed by cooking.

>>> 3) It produces an endotoxin which spreads rapidly to organs like kidney and liver. The sick and elderly are more at risk. People with weak immune systems, like those with diabetes and HepB, can be more susceptible to it.

>>> 4) If infection is caught early and person is young & healthy, treatment is often effective. Seek medical advice immediately if wounds rapidly become red, swollen or painful.

>>> 5) Do not eat RAW crabs, oysters or clams; and be careful when handling live or raw ones.


One Response to “Dun Play Play with Crabs & Seafood”

  1. NT Crab Says:

    That is why I don’t take crabs mah. Maybe my allergy comes from the bacteria in crabs. Last time not allergic to crabs one. Only in secondary school then allergy. Crabs are evil. Don’t take them.

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