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Where’s my Red Bull??? March 19, 2007

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School re-opens today, time for me to catch up with my breath.

It started off with last Friday nite, went to attend fREELY grad’s gathering and reached home at 230am. Hehehe … Snr Man came in fifth position for this quarter’s challenge, and got US$50 (all in US$1 notes). So, waiting for him to bring the trophy home one day, and i can use it as vase … hahahaha.

Then followed by family outing at East Coast in the morning. Me kenna pen-kan like satay while i was pen-kan-ing chicken wings under the merciless sun. The weather was quite alright tt day, the children had fun at the beach and on the land. Both girls were chao-ta and had to apply lotion to soothe their skins fr itch (Amway’s lotion is vy gd for sunburnt). That nite, we were all knocked out!

Sunday came. It was their first swimming lesson. For the first time, both girls really swam and not jus playing with water. GG used to be like a koala bear hugging to a tree (ie Daddy) whenever we went to the pool. They liked the lesson and were looking forward to the next one. Last nite, they also slept like logs.

I had a good nite sleep, but the physical body still feels vy heavy, tired and drained … … … … sign of ageing??? *sigh*

East Coast Pics …


2 Responses to “Where’s my Red Bull???”

  1. strongstrong Says:

    Its just lack of exercise … not ageing.

  2. LubbishBin Says:

    No lah, all along seldom exercise. It’s lack of out-door-ing. Now, overdose of vitamin D.

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