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Friendly Officer at ICA March 15, 2007

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Today, went to ICA to update my girls’ passport photos. The Officer asked Ashley some questions, I think for verification purpose. When it was GG’s turn, the Officer only asked me to sign a form.

GG: [Asking me] How come she didn’t ask me questions.

So, I told the Officer what she had said.

Vy Friendly Officer: Oh, because you’re not in primary school yet. Ok, when is your birthday?

GG: [Shrugged her shoulders]

Vy Friendly Officer: What’s the name of your school?

GG: St James Church Kindergarten

Vy Friendly Officer: [Still entertaining her] What’s yr teacher’s name?

GG: Aunty Irene and Aunty Wei Qian

Vy Friendly Officer: Ok, good.


One Response to “Friendly Officer at ICA”

  1. jy Says:

    GG so cute… e official still pei he GG…

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