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Aussie Art: Splatter March 15, 2007

Filed under: Arty & Funky Thingy — mummydear @ 12:21 am

Remember we saw the vy vy vy cute Aussie paintings at Raffles City???

Jus visited their site at … … go and take a look at their splendid works 😀 .


6 Responses to “Aussie Art: Splatter”

  1. croc Says:

    ya, can simply save and use it as desktop

  2. Kopi Writer Says:

    Aiyo, how can u write tt openly … copyright leh. Stop piracy!!!

  3. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Can try asking the site admin if you can use it as decoration on your pc.

  4. Splatter Says:

    Hi guys

    Thanks for your positive comments about our artwork. Kopi is right – copyright law prohibits the unlawful reproduction of our images – just check out the sites terms and conditions of use. We have to feed our children somehow!! Play nice guys!!

  5. Policeman Says:

    Need to know hor… If i put a mole on the elephant’s pic, would it still be copying ? Cos its not exactly the same liao right ? If not, all elephants I cannot draw ah !!

  6. jy Says:

    haha… u do black n white den diff liao lor… theirs in colour mah… 😛

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