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2hrs for Donutz March 15, 2007

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Tink I must b nutz to queue for abt 2hrs for some donuts.

Was told by my sis who hearsay fr someone/somewhere tt this donut ‘melts in yr mouth’. Since we were in a hurry and the queue was quite long, we didn’t buy any on Tuesday.

Today, we (my girls and I) were walking past and again saw a long queue there. I thot that mayb the queue wld move fast, then we cld buy some to test whether the donuts were really good or not. Boy, never did i expect the tortoise to move faster than the queue.

Initially I wanted to buy jus 3 donuts. But in the end I bought 2 dozens … why??? Because after queuing for almost 2hrs, who in the right mind wld oni buy 3 donuts!!! Good biz strategy.

Well, u must b vy curious how good were those 2hrs donuts. They were soft and definitely delicious, especially when they were eaten fresh and hot. But … but … but … if u asked me to queue 2hrs again for these donuts, I won’t lor.

From pple who hd tasted the donutz … …

Noelle: [Took one bite and left on the table for Gong Gong]

Xavier: Sanyi, can you buy more chocolate one next time?

Ah Mei: Mmmm, ho jia, ho jia … good, vy soft.



80 Responses to “2hrs for Donutz”

  1. shawn_ahdior Says:

    You strong ! You strong ! I queue for half and hour, would probably be soooo pissed off, that I would have burnt down the shop. Anyway, give it another 3 months and we go there see again. I don’t think got queue anymore. Typical Singaporeans !!!!

  2. croc Says:

    is it the one at city hall basement? walau, each time i walked past the queue, i thought those are xiao people, yau gui, as if nvr eat dounut before. then, now u r one of them? walau, xiao liao…can’t blame la, lady of leisure, kim-tang-tang-tai-tai, can afford to waste precious time. U the can, dunno is it the right queue also queue, u r full of the Singaporean’s spirit man!

    Agree with Shawn, give it another 2-3 months, remember beard papa cream puff and roti boy?

  3. mummydear Says:

    Ya lor, told u i must b crazy. Nvr in my life tt i queue for something like tis … ssssss-tu-pig … must b the pig head over-rulez the human head.

  4. jy Says:

    wah… nvr treat me donut…

  5. shawn_ahdior Says:

    To JY: Go queue up for another 2 hours. I treat you. I give you $$$ to buy for everyone.

  6. jy Says:

    no thanx.. ytd gt eat e donut liao…

  7. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Never treat you, say never treat you. Treat you, say you eat liao !!! No sincerity at all !!

  8. Yiau Gui Says:

    someone hasn’t treat us leh, not even Milo dino!!! why not treat us to spicy hot pot steamboat??!! Dun worry lah, not asking u to pay for the steamboat, jus hv to sponsor the drinks.

  9. Yiau Gui Says:

    the heart knows and the stomach understands …

  10. croc Says:

    hmmm…who happy with HIS bonus huh??????

  11. jy Says:

    haha… ya lor!!!

    3yi… wen got eat ma la huo guo???

  12. Yiau Gui Says:

    hehehehe … actually i was referring to JY, but wanted to hint StrongStrong. Then SS act blur, and JY lagi kiang, shoot arrow at SS. so hor, i tink one pays for the drinks and one pays for the steamboat lah. Yeah!!!

  13. 3yi Says:

    Wanna go tis Fri evening, say 6pm??? But hor, i dun know where got nice hot pot/yuan yan pot … gonna chk it out.

  14. strongstrong Says:

    I pay for the drinks !!

  15. jy Says:

    bully me… i no workin liao leh… no income hor!!!

    nvm.. me pay steamboat lor… u pay for drink hor.. dun tink is goin b verri cheap anyway… esp eatin ma la guo… all will guan shui…

  16. 3yi Says:

    so, Friday on or not??!! Snr Man said near Bugis, along Beach Rd; but dunno which one is nice. Who else is keen???

  17. Snr Man Says:

    I sponsor dessert!!! There’s a Taiwanese dessert shop that sells very nice dessert.

  18. croc Says:

    SS – next time take bonus better keep quiet, otherwise have to branja the whole kampung, ha. anyway, thanks to yr blog post, now everyone happi liao, cos makan and drinks oso free, some more got dessert.

  19. 3yi Says:

    Hello! Dun talk talk talk, and in the end nobody turns up on fri evening. Now all costs covered, oni need yr presence.
    So shiok!!!
    BTW, tis post gonna hit more than 20 comments ๐Ÿ˜‰ !

  20. jy Says:

    wah… 3yi blog always a lot ppl comment de… we veri pro… frm donuts to huo guo…

    opps… can’t make it tis fri leh… cuz i goin library… next wk can??? esp aft i settle my poly stuff…

  21. 3yi Says:

    can go Lib another day or earlier? Nxt Fri I can’t leh.

  22. Snr Man Says:

    Heard from my colleague that the huo guo shop across the street of the dessert shop is quite good.

    Went to gym at CCK sports complex just now, then went to Lot1 to test out the Wan Zai Cha Chan Ting as instructed by 3yi. Very disappointed; Tea not thick enough. Xia Jiang Ji looks and smell very nice but inside got no taste. One of the wings oso got blood flowing out. Yaks! My colleague’s fried rice oso very plain. Another colleague’s Wanton Mee oso quite tasteless. My pok chop baked rice so so, and the pork chop not as good as 3yi’s one. Overall rating 1/5.

  23. 3yi Says:

    walau eh! I wld give it a score of 0 then. Guess if it continues like tt, will close down vy soon.

  24. strongstrong Says:

    Friday ? ehh .. I am alright. Drinks on me. Must ask the fellow treating the steamboat leh. Without steamboat, you all only can drink water leh …

  25. strongstrong Says:

    JY want to siam lah. Thats why Friday die die must go library.

  26. croc Says:

    jy can go library, juz foot the bill for steamboat…hehe…jy u decide which one “wu hua” lor..

  27. jy Says:

    wah… all qiao zhao wo!!!! bank acc missin 1k oredi leh!!!

    decide to go lib tml… erm.. gt day.. gt time… no venue???

    erm… i need to noe hu goin leh…

  28. croc Says:

    Leave me out, need to study for exam and also very lehchey/late for me to travel all the way downtown. JY, don’t worry, strongstrong veri gentleman one, will help u out with the bill. strongstrong hor? gentleman cannot bully girl, what more young girl and ka kee nang. JY last resort…cry lor…sure win one…maybe no need to pay lagi.

    the two will fight for the bill and the rest of u juz sit back, relax and enjoy yr meal…

  29. jy Says:

    ya lor… strongstrong veri nice 1… hehe…

    erm.. which 2???

  30. croc Says:

    don’t act blur lah…the 2 of course refer to u and strongstrong lah…

  31. strongstrong Says:

    I cannot make it on Friday liao. Cos Xiao Yi have duty that night. :). Unless somebody willing to take care of Noelle and Xavier lor. Anyway, I will gentlement one lah. I treat steamboat, JY treat drinks lor. *Beer / Liquor* heee heee heee

  32. jaws Says:

    Or, do u all prefer Sat evening???
    Location is somewhere near Bugis, Beach Rd.
    Snr Man will chk out the outlets there today, as he’ll b ard tt area tonite.

  33. jy Says:

    ur head lar.. beer?!

    i anything…

  34. strongstrong Says:

    Hmm .. Jaws seems to be very hungry…. Fish are friends .. not food !! Anyway, Saturday I got family dinner leh. Can next week or not. JY also say next week free .. I wan to drink free beer. I get siao yi to go with us too lah. Next week lah. Jaws … be patient, the treat will come one !!!

  35. jaws Says:

    sollie lah, nxt wk i can’t. OK, Good Friday coming in 2wks’ time, we go on tt day, ok???

  36. strongstrong Says:

    Steamboat with the kids ? hmm .. Thats a challenge …. Okay.. Good Friday it shall be. Anybody going to church that day ?

  37. Nemo Says:

    Good Friday CROC can go or not. Still studying ah !! Shark already hungry liao. Crocodile still not hungry leh …

  38. jaws Says:

    Croc always got assignments and exam every alt wks … must relax relax lah, then the brain can work better mah. Mayb after the Ma La guo, yr neurons kenna triggered leh?! Can we deposit the kids somewhere ๐Ÿ˜› ???

  39. jy Says:

    wah… postpone until so far… as long as not near my orietation or sch open can liao… hehe… must haf a gap between… in case later eat liao fall sick…

  40. croc Says:

    should be ok for me. wa, hit 40 posts liao, talk some more by the time good friday, can hit 100 liao.

  41. jy Says:

    3yi’s comment section break record… hehe… e highest b4 tis was only 19.. which is in des blog…

  42. strongstrong Says:

    Hmm .. I think setting up a Kids Deposit Centre in the middle of city area might be a good business leh. Where to deposit kids ah … Seemed like only a few places lor. Mummys PLace and In laws Place. Heh Heh Heh. Another Alternative is JY’s Mum’s PLace lor … Buwahahahahahahah

  43. jaws Says:

    No lah, i still win. My “Happy Fish” oso got 20 comments bcos of tt supermodel mah (ๅฎๅˆ€ๆœช่€).

    Can setup biz called ‘Kids Deposit Centre’???

  44. jy Says:

    hehe… not possible… cuz mom not @ home on fri nite lor… cuz xz gt his taekwendo… dunno spellin…

  45. strongstrong Says:

    To jaws: Maybe if you become something like the ladybird or something might shoot the post up to 100. Hee … Anyway, Biz in kids care in city area during weekends or holidays might be a good choice for mums and dads who want to have their shopping in peace but have no where to dump their kids .. like us lor !!!

    So what now ??!? Where to put kids !?!?!?

  46. jy Says:

    3yi… haha… dunno if xz gt taekwendo on Gd Friday or not leh…

    can open a kids care @ CBD… can earn $$… since parents wanna shop in peace… tt time gt read in a story bk… den parent wanna go for lunch/shoppin in peace… dey jus put deir children dere…

    3yi’s comment section many comment… 47 liao!!!

  47. LubbishBin Says:

    i once thot of these … …
    1) Kids Deposit Center
    – parents wanna shop, see shows, run errands, quite moments
    – kids activities

    2) Sleeping Corner
    – for ppl to take a nap/rest in a soothing environment

    3) Icy Queen
    – ice cream parlour

  48. LubbishBin Says:

    oops, not quite moments, but quiet moments … … b4 JY points out my mistake again. Wah, scared scared … got spelling inspector, got grammar/Queen’s Engerlish inspector, dun play play.

  49. Business Man Says:

    Sleeping Corner I also thought about it. But then, it came out to be no different from Hotels liao leh. Anyway, who taking care of the kids huh ?!?!?!? If not, how to eat steamboat !!

    Lets Catch JY’s spelling and grammer mistakes from now on, since she like to correct people’s mistakes.

    JY: Taekwendo is spelt wrongly. Its TaeKwonDo !!

  50. LubbishBin Says:

    my kids likely to ‘deposit’ at my in-law’s place, but hor, hv nt seek approval yet. Can someone chk if Popo gg to wk tt nite, else she’s the other option ๐Ÿ˜› .

  51. Pro PoPo Says:

    Yeh. I can put Xavier in my mum’s place, mei mei should be deposited in my mother in law’s place.

  52. jy Says:

    oi… i oredi say dunno spelling for TaeKwonDo lor!!! check comment no.45..

    settle where u all deposite e kids liao den let me noe where n when to meet… thanx!!!

    to Businessman: u purposely wanna catch me 1 lor… cuz i use sms language in comment… not fair de!!!

  53. Popo Says:

    U huh, eat steamboat don’t chia me, and still dare to ask me to b the nanny.

  54. jy Says:

    popo say she not free on fri… cuz she goin yi po dere to help…

  55. The Heat is On Says:

    Hello Boyz and Girlz,
    Reminder: Our date tis Fri, 630pm.
    Oledi told Roly Poly Goh & Small Fish the location, we’ll ‘shop’ along tt stretch to find a suitable one for all to enjoy.

    Proudly sponsored by:
    Da Jie Da Da – Jie Ying
    Shawn Ah Dior
    Man Ah Dior


  56. jy Says:

    wad da jie da da?

    can post a new post for where n when to meet?

  57. strongstrong Says:

    Sigh .. Who wanna take care of my kids ?!? Tolong Tolong !?!?!?

  58. It's Hot Hot Hot Says:

    If really bo bian, jus bring them along lor.

  59. jy Says:

    mama say she’ll look aft noelle mah… i tot u puttin xavier @ ur mom place?

  60. Mr Soya Bean Says:

    Dunno leh .. Siao Yi got other plans. See how later lor.

  61. jy Says:

    great dinner…

  62. Not So Hot Afterall Says:

    Nice gathering.
    Tink the food/dessert so-so oni, bcos of my expectation & compared them with tt in Taiwan many many yrs ago ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .
    Oh, u see how much Gong Gong had perspired!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  63. strongstrong Says:

    I enjoyed it leh. The tom yam one quite spicy. But still can taste the food and flavours. Unlike the one I went at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Its sooo hot that you cannot taste anything. Of course, without the disturbance of the kids, the dinner was indeed enjoyable. Hee … Hee … Aiyoh, don’t compare with Taiwan lah ! Taiwan food sold here is definitely not as good as those sold in Taiwan lor. Even the oyster Mee Sua here not as tasty as those from Taiwan. But its cheaper than you take an airplane to taiwan and eat right. So mai hiam lor !!!

  64. mummydear Says:

    Yah, tink once a while, we shd hv no-kids-day.

  65. jy Says:

    guess wad… u can dun queue for e donuts de… can order tru phone… but need to w8 for ard 2-3 weeks… dun ask me y…

    heard it frm my frien… is donut factory…

  66. LubbishBin Says:

    They send by snail mail huh?? tt’s why take 2-3wks??!! By the time they reach us, oledi stale liao ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D. Like tt tis factory is not vy productive or efficient leh.
    Donut must hot hot eat then song.
    OK, Jun holiday we do donut. If gd, we setup a factory and beat them by deliver it in 1day!!! ๐Ÿ˜› … gd idea???

  67. jy Says:

    n me doin e research on improving donuts hor?!

    u like a lot of food industry plan… hehe

  68. mummydear Says:

    bcos FengShui Master said tt I can oni venture into food biz ๐Ÿ™‚ … how abt ice-cream parlour, Toa Bui Bao Diam (ๅคง่ƒ–ๅŒ…ๅบ—) w Milo Dino/Godzilla, cafe selling nice nice mini cakes. What else???

  69. GC Says:

    Served with freshly brewed coffee or tea.

  70. jy Says:

    my frien say… is order liao.. 2-3 week later jus go dere to collect… no need queue…

  71. LubbishBin Says:

    everyone calls in and collects later, then these pple will need to queue to collect, then if the donuts r supposed to be fresh ones, then need to wait for them to make it, then hor what’s the diff leh???
    Oh i know, this one waits longer 2-3wks + 2hrs. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Wait, is this the same factory as the Raffles City one or Taka one, cos i heard Taka one got to such long queue or wait.

  72. jy Says:

    donut factory lor… my frien orderin fofr me… which flavour nice huh?

  73. mummydear Says:

    The other time i oni chose donuts tt got choco to fill a dozen to b on the safe side. So didn’t get to taste those filled with berry, apple or kaya. Personally i tink the orange on white choco is nice, peanut one oso ok. Generally, i tink their fillings are too sweet; and eat them immediately after purchase is the best.
    There’s a bakery shop at Clementi tt fried donut balls ard 330pm, oso vy nice but too much sugar coating, vy unhealthy.

  74. strongstrong Says:

    You guys really like donut hor. Hee. Can queue for 3 weeks. hahahahahahahaha. Anyway, I think the Da Fei Bao Factory is a good concept, selling bao and milo dinosaur. To add to that, we can have Ah Mei Kway Pai Tee and if everything goes well, who knows, we also might have the ying ying donut. Should hit a million dollars within a year.

  75. strongstrong Says:

    uhh. add another item for breakfast menu, Ying Ying French Toast.

  76. Food Paradize Says:

    Hello! It’s not ‘Fei’, it’s ‘Pang’. ‘Fei’ refers to pig! If u know who Da Pang is, then must show respect, cannot use Fei ๐Ÿ˜€ … a bit of history here, it used to call ้พ™ๅ‡คๅŒ…็‚นand later ๅ“ไธฐๅŒ…็‚น. BTW, tink Popo’s soon kueh oso not bad, but she long time nvr do liao.
    Seems tt we’re fated to b in food industry ๐Ÿ˜€ .

  77. tam chiak gui Says:

    oh, somebody lose points liao…call his in-law “fei”, think buy 3 dozen donuts oso can’t redeem. No kopi/milo for the next 3 weeks!!

  78. tam chiak gui Says:

    BTW, don’t understand the biz sense of donut fty leh…phone order takes 2 weeks to collect, what logic…a bit sala. fancy still got people oso so sala, go and order.

  79. jy Says:

    wah… shawn ah dior still rmb my french toast..

    wad else ar… 3yi.. u forget abt ur ice-cream liao!!!

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