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Ashley’s Ballet Grade1 Exam March 14, 2007

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I’m now at McDonald’s waiting for Ashley, as she is having her ballet grade1 exam. Her exam starts at 1030am, but we hv to arrive at 830am with her hair nicely and neatly bun-ed up. Luckily, her teacher is always there to help. So, she tied a nice round bun for her (else, she will get a pointed bun from me … … hahahahaha).

I like and respect her teacher, Ms Tan. The children like her very much too (incl GG), bcos her lessons are fun and yet she ensures discipline in her students as well. A vy dedicated teacher.

Vy strange, those good teachers of Ashley seem to have the same surname … Tan or Chen … so, must always find a Tan or Chen for her 😀 .


5 Responses to “Ashley’s Ballet Grade1 Exam”

  1. shawn_ahdior Says:

    I agree with you. She also quite “Gam” with me and I also one Tan (not wanton). Anyway, if she dance like how I dance last night, she should pass with flying colours !!

  2. jy Says:

    u last nite gt dance meh?

  3. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Sorry … you missed the exceptionally astounding Ballet move by shawn_ahdior. Too bad .. you gotta wait for Ashley’s next ballet exam lor.

  4. mummydear Says:

    Ashley got her results today. She passed with ‘Commended’ credit, which equates to 75-79 marks.

    This yr, the school migrates from RAD to CSTD certification. Couldn’t compare her scores bec of diff standards/criteria adopted, the only thing I cld say is tt RAD cert looks more pro and nice to frame up 😀 .

    Anyway, good effort by Ashley (even her teacher said so), and I awarded her 2 stars!!!

  5. shawn_ahdior Says:

    I think my exceptionally cool moves made her think: “Damn … I must dance better than this old man !!”. Anyway, great job Ashley. So when can we see the performance ?!??!?

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