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Opereta Prima by La Pipetua – Circus Theatre March 13, 2007

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Opereta Prima

It started off with some wheels machines … super mini bicycles, wheels on stepping boards, tall ‘detached’ bicycles (actually, they were unicycles), etc. Then the 4 circus artisans from Argentina proceeded to do some visual tricks on some balls floating in the air.

The musical part was interesting. First they made music with metal poles, and later with balls; combining juggling, music (rhythm), visual and precision all in one act. Oh! Not forgetting that one of them used the balls to paint a picture as well.

The last part was awesome. I liked the visual effect from the brightly lit colored balls and batons. When they did the juggling & swinging, wow, beautiful & magical!!!

p1020878.jpg p1020881.jpg


3 Responses to “Opereta Prima by La Pipetua – Circus Theatre”

  1. Joker Says:

    Thought I was funny enough. Boy, were they funnier. Worth the $$$$ !! Two Thumbs UP !!

  2. jy Says:

    really enjoy it… glad tt i went n watch…

    love e musical part best!!!

    2 tuhumbs up not enuff lar… must haf more thumbs…. wan toes up??? hehe

  3. croc Says:

    too bad des missed it!

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