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Little Big Shots – Short Films March 12, 2007

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Little Big Shots

My review for the 12 short films … …

1] The Dot (USA, 2005): Cool … … I liked tis. What a way to encourage kid. 5 stars!!!

2] Torvald and the Fir Tree (Germany, 2004): If u can’t move the tree, then move the hse 😀 . Actually, I was touched by the wife’s support given to her husband. 3.5 stars.

3] Nineteen (Columbia, 2005): Cute chubby boy, but the story a bit like Charlotte’s web leh. Moreover, pig is more cute than rooster. 2 stars.

4] Bing Can Sing (USA, 2005): Featuring 4 little animated chicks chipping away. I liked the blue chick … … 2.5 stars.

5] How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? (USA, 2005): Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Er … … 1 star.

6] Greedy Pig (Belgium, 2004): Why called a big-appetite snake pig??!! Wasn’t it amazing tt it cld swallow 2 little elephants (人心不足,蛇吞象). 1.5 stars.

7] The Green Worm (USA, 2005): Shot by 11-yr-old Zoe abt a worm turning into a butterfly. Good effort, so 1.5stars.

8] Luka (Ireland, 2004): The bright yellow stood out from the monochrome setting. Every scenes look so photogenic … superb photography. While enjoying the moments with the boy chasing after the balloon, the life-saving part was quite unexpected and gave a quiet relief. 4.5 stars.

9] Maya the Indian Princess (USA, 2004): “I’m a little princess, looking for a sari” (sing to the tune of “Ring a Ring O’Roses”). 2.5 stars.

10] Janie and Jerome: The Last Note (USA, 2004): Nothing to say abt tis film … 1.5 stars.

11] Pingu’s Bedtime Shadows (England, 2004): The fun and laughter came at the later part. 3 stars.

12] Gopher Broke (USA, 2005): Wow, tis short film was Oscar nominated. Laughter all the way … actually I was expecting the cow to shit onto the gopher (a small burrowing rodent), then wld really laugh my head off. Hmmm, for missing out the shit … 4 stars 😀 .


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