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Very Serious Maths Teacher March 8, 2007

Filed under: Family,Learning — mummydear @ 2:50 pm

ALY: My teacher said 2mr’s Maths test is not Pri2 level, but Sec4 level.
Me: No lah, your teacher bluff u one.
ALY: Noooooo! Really, it’s Sec4.
Me: How can it b Sec4??? Yr teacher is joking lah.
ALY: [Alamak, still insist] Noooooo … ok, 2mr I’ll check the paper and see got indicate Sec4.
Me: If the test is really Sec4, then u no need to do, ask Da Jie to do … …
ALY: Cannot bring the test paper home one [Still don’t understand what I’m saying].
Me: If u really can do Sec4 Maths, then u’re a genius liao!

This is 2nd time Ashley insisted tt this teacher won’t tell lies/jokes one, ‘cos he’s vy serious in class. He must hv mastered Joker Level 10 … … if got chance, i’ll like to see his face.

P/S: Though cher is someone whom we shd respect, but hor, got to use yr brain too. 😀


7 Responses to “Very Serious Maths Teacher”

  1. croc Says:

    not that ashley got no brain, she prob doesn’t know the diff between p2 and s4, thus didn’t understand yr joke too.

    BTW, yr blog design looks veri “malayish”.

  2. mummyDear Says:

    ya lor after u mentioned it. i wld prefer a pink one … … mayb will look for another template then.

  3. jy Says:

    erm… ashley veri cute leh… stil say tml c if paper gt indicate Sec 4… so… u gt ask her or not if it’s sec 4… lol

    veri funny leh… seem like ashley gif veri funny response cuz she dun really understand…

  4. The Genius' Mum Says:

    she said the Sec4 (STILL mentioned tis) paper wld b tested when sch re-opened.

  5. rolypoly Says:

    walau, she a bit too slow leh..hehe, ashley, hang loose man…

  6. jy Says:

    haha… no need w8 until sch re-open lar… i tml gif her… lol…

  7. shawn_ahdior Says:

    guys .. sometimes, its not that she is naive. Try looking at it from a different perspective. She might want to convey the message that she can actually do a sec 4 paper !! Not that she believes her teacher will give them sec 4 paper to do. From that angle, boy, talk about confidence man ! I think its a good thing to have self confidence because without it, you cannot achieve anything.

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