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A Toast to Women March 8, 2007

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Today is International Women’s Day.
Why is there no International Men’s Day???



Not forgetting,
Happi Happi Happi


15 Responses to “A Toast to Women”

  1. zar bor Says:

    why no international man’s day? tell u this and u will know why….my man still mixes dark and light-coloured laundry in the same wash despite several reminders. His argument is as long as it is colour fast, then ok to mix. why men don’t get it? not that i am unappreciative, but when you offer help, please do the job properly.

  2. Da Bor Says:

    Sometimes, its not man want to help. Its that if they don’t help, they kena complain. See now, if they help, they also kena complain. Why woman cannot be as chin chai as man, anything also can. Help you, do wrongly, you say we never put our hearts into it. Don’t help you, you say we laze around doing nothing. Sometimes hor, if help too much, woman take it for granted and expect the same. Not even a single Gam Sia ! So hor, if your man wanted to help you and you think you need it, don’t complain too much about job quality. If you think he is making things more difficult for you, just let him rot for good. I think like that, the world would be a very peaceful place to live in. If woman say,”Why Man Don’t Get it !?!?”, Man would say,”What Does Woman Want !?!?!”

  3. the referee Says:

    Oh dear, starting WWIII??!! Can we jus accept tt woman continues to complain abt man; and vice versa??? Like tt, life then interesting mah … … equality doesn’t and no need to exist one lah.

  4. da bor Says:


  5. Da Bor Says:

    Sorry… for the testing. Cos just now send commments, the blog say repeated comments. hee. All comments made were not meant to be disrespectful to either woman or man. Its just some issues that were never resolved and will not ever be resolved since day 1. That is why you have books like “Man are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, “Why Woman Can’t read Maps”..etc. I think the basis of this man woman thing is about how man should treat woman and vice versa. There will never be equality and if both sexes don’t take each other for granted or set any expectations on each other, the world would be a peaceful place to leave in. If behind every successful man, there is a woman, what about every successful woman, would there be a man in the picture ? Or was this successful woman scenario never considered at all …

  6. jy Says:

    PROTEST!!! hu say woman can’t read maps??? hehe… dunno wad e bk abt though…

    anyway… isn’t e equality of men n women a debate topic for quite a long time oredi??? tt time in sec 3… we had tis topic for debate… recently i go STOMP oso gt tis topic…

  7. Da Bor Says:

    If we can solve this mystery,”Does the chicken come first or the egg come first ?”, maybe we can solve the woman and man problems.

  8. mummydear Says:

    i oso dun agree with “Why Woman Can’t Read Maps” … ‘cos i’m better in tt than my Man. Anyway, tink it’s bo liao to compare women with/to men … it’s such a boring topic. Nxt topic pls … …

  9. zar bor Says:

    Kenny Yap of Qian Hu’s quote: If woman can close an eye and man can close a ear, then there will be peace on earth. So, see no evil, hear no evil.

  10. Da Bor Says:

    Ya Agreed with Zar Bor and Mummydear. Lets drop this topic. Lets discuss … Got egg first or got chicken first !?!?

  11. jy Says:

    i tink chicken 1st… cuz revolution… dino bcum chicken.. den chicken(hens) lay eggs… den egg hatch into chicken…. den chicken lay eggs… den egss hatch into chicken… n e list goes on & on & on…

    gt logic hor?

  12. shawn_ahdior Says:

    Can also be egg first what. The micro-organisms started by forming an egg possible mah. Why must it be chicken leh. And hor, I think you refer to Evolution isit ? Not Revolution lah.

  13. jy Says:

    oops… hehe… ya… evolution… but i check e microsoft words hor… i type revolution… i check meanin … it say tranformation leh… so should b correct bah?

    erm… so how does e micro-organism form e eggs??? i tink e micro-organism change e dna of e bigger organism to form chicken.. so chicken 1st…

  14. LubbishBin Says:

    Hahaha, thanks for the insight. Jus got to know there’s tis thingy called ‘eggsperts’!!!

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