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Graduated from Inline Skating Beginner’s Course March 3, 2007

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Today is the last day of our skating course. It was fun, and really made us ‘exercise’.

What we have learnt … …
1st lesson: How to stand up, how not to fall backward, marching on spot, then glide along with the momentum.
2nd lesson: March, glide and make 11. How to brake.
3rd lesson: Open and close (making figure 8), move backward.
4th lesson: Cross leg to siam, cross leg to turn 90Deg.

Wonder if they r gg to conduct advance course, then can do stunts liao. 😉

Really a fun sport for the family!


7 Responses to “Graduated from Inline Skating Beginner’s Course”

  1. PiYaNo Says:

    wee…. inline skatin fun sia… but till now i dunno how 2 do a-frame turnin… i gt 10 lesson… bt miss 2 .5 lesson… due to sch stuff… haix…

    btw.. how to turn 90 degree??? wad is make 11??? wad u mean by croos leg to siam???

    gt try goin up e stir wearin skate???

  2. croc Says:

    san yi to conduct lessons on sunday at AMK lah

  3. skate newbie Says:

    11 means putting yr feet parallel to each other.
    To siam on-coming traffic, do cross leg to avoid crashing. But hor, what if both of them do cross leg at the same time??!! 😀
    The 90Deg one is actually for U-turn if one can do it continuously.
    We r still not vy gd with the tricks yet, need more practices to prefect them.

  4. PiYaNo Says:

    still dun understand e cross leg 1…

  5. Stunt Man Says:

    Triple somersaults might be more interesting …

  6. The Chiropractic Says:

    better dun pray pray … wait u break yr bone then u know.

  7. jy Says:

    next time go roller bladin together…

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