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Searching My Name in the Internet March 29, 2007

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Saw fr the newspaper tt one can easily find the address/tel of someone in the internet. So, I tested out with my name … … didn’t find my personal info; but saw the links to one of my two papers and a patent 8) .

Then, KPO, went to search the rest … eh, can find Big Fish & Small Fish too, but no Crocs.


Mechatronica (in conjunction with Singapore Arts Festival 2007)

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While browsing Esplanade’s programmes in my email, I came across Mechatronica fr Japan.

What is Mechatronica??? I wondered. So, I clicked on the Esplanade’s link to view the clips on their performance and behind the scenes.

Wow!!! From designing and making the instruments to setting up the performance, the whole process looked so tedious and challenging. These pple must hv super great passion in what they are doing.

Thot of catching their only one show at Esplanade on 8 June, 730pm. Anyone wants to go? Ahem, ticket at $38+ pax, early bird package of 4 at $130+ (ie $32.50+), student $28+.

And their website is at Mechatronica.


Why (Top Govt) Pay Must Go Up March 23, 2007

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Well, I’m not gg to argue abt tis, but wld like to put my 1cent worth on the salaries of 6 professions/sectors tt they benchmark with.

In the ST front page, it lists the income of top 8 earners of these 6 professions:

Lawyer: $4.29mil

Accountant: $3.72mil

Banker: $3.33mil

MNC: $2.70mil

Local Manufacturer: $2.30mil

Engineer: $0.62mil

Did u see? Did u see? Engineer, how PATHETIC!!! Doesn’t even cross $1mil!!!

Banking industry is in need of bankers now. They are willing to train the in-experience one (reported in ST some times ago). So, Engineers, WAKE UP!!! What r u waiting for, chiong ah!!!


Tamiflu March 22, 2007

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For your awareness … …

Also fr today’s ST, “No Tamiflu for Teenageers, Japan Orders”:

>>> Japanese Dr were ordered not to prescribe Tamiflu to teenagers after several patients reportedly exhibited dangerous behaviour (such as jumping off their houses/buildings).

>>> Roche (the manufacturer) found “no established causal link between neuropsychiatric symptoms and treatment with Tamiflu”.

At the Forum page:

From Deputy Dir of Health Products Regulation Group, Health Science Authority,

>>> Tamiflu contains anti-viral drug oseltamivir. WHO recommended tt oseltamivir be used for treatment of avian influenza caused by the H5N1 virus, in view of the serious public-health threat and limited treatment options.

>>> HSA will monitor the overseas situation closely and take action to safeguard the public health when warranted. Should patients taking oseltamivir experience any untoward reaction to the drug, they shd consult their doctor immediately.


Dun Play Play with Crabs & Seafood

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For your awareness … …

Read tis in today’s ST, “Man Dies after Crab Pricks Him”:

>>> He was preparing some live crabs for his family when one crab pricked him. At nite, he began vomiting and diarrhoea. The nxt day, he was admitted to hospital with irregular heart beat and low blood pressure. Within 48hrs fr tt incident, he died. He was infected by a rare flesh-eating bacteria, Vibrio. Apart fr crabs, it can be found in other seafood like fish and prawns.

>>> 1) There are many kinds of flesh-eating bacteria. When enter the body, they produce toxins tt destroy the soft tissue. Vibrio species live in salt water, and can be found particularly in OYSTER, CLAMS, CRABS and SHELLFISH.

>>> 2) One can get infected thru’ a break in the skin or a bite. The bacteria, however, are destroyed by cooking.

>>> 3) It produces an endotoxin which spreads rapidly to organs like kidney and liver. The sick and elderly are more at risk. People with weak immune systems, like those with diabetes and HepB, can be more susceptible to it.

>>> 4) If infection is caught early and person is young & healthy, treatment is often effective. Seek medical advice immediately if wounds rapidly become red, swollen or painful.

>>> 5) Do not eat RAW crabs, oysters or clams; and be careful when handling live or raw ones.


Recipes for Suan Pan Zi (算盘子) & Chun Juan (春卷) March 19, 2007

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Hakka recipes from Mum & Big Aunt.

1) Suan Pan Zi (aka Abacus, ancient Chinese calculator 😀 )

What u’ll need: 2kg Yam (choose light wt one), 500g Starch & Pinch of Salt (ouch!!!)

a. Steam & mash the yam. Add salt & then the starch and knead into a dough.

b. Then make small balls of 15.000mm diameter (u’ll need a micrometer) and depress at the centre of the balls … they will then look like the suan pan zi (SPZ) 😉 .

c. Cook in boiling water. When those SPZ float on the water, remove and put them into cold water (wow! SPA treatment). Continue with Part (3).

2) Chun Juan

What u’ll need: 500g Starch, 4cups of Water, 2 Eggs, Salt & Fish Sauce (to yr taste)

(Note: Mum used 1 egg and the CJ was vy QQQ like rubberband (toink, toink, toink). Aunt used 2 eggs and the CJ was easy to bite but not QQQ. So, to balance the 2 sides, use 1.5 eggs lor.)

a. Mix all ingredients together.

b. Put some cooking oil into a pan. Scoop the mixture and spread it onto the pan like pan-cake. The chefs stressed tt the mixture sticks easily to the pan, so hv to put quite a lot of oil or use non-stick pan.

c. Fold in the sides of this pan-cake to rectangular shape, and remove from pan when cooked. Do the same for the next one.

d. Cut the rectangular pan-cake to bite-size strips, and continue with Part (3).

3) The Final Touch
What u’ll need: Dried Mushrooms (Soaked & Shredded), Dried Shrimps, Dried Cuttlefish (Shredded), Minced Meat (Qty depends on how generous u r) & Garlic. For serving: Sprint, oops it’s Spring Onion, Fried Shallot, Pepper.

a. Put some cooking oil into the pan. Stir-fry all ingredients to bring out the flavours & aroma.

b. Add in either SPZ or CJ. Add salt/soy sauce/fish sauce to taste.

Serve with spring onion, fried shallot and a dash (Oooh, not too fast) of pepper.


Where’s my Red Bull???

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School re-opens today, time for me to catch up with my breath.

It started off with last Friday nite, went to attend fREELY grad’s gathering and reached home at 230am. Hehehe … Snr Man came in fifth position for this quarter’s challenge, and got US$50 (all in US$1 notes). So, waiting for him to bring the trophy home one day, and i can use it as vase … hahahaha.

Then followed by family outing at East Coast in the morning. Me kenna pen-kan like satay while i was pen-kan-ing chicken wings under the merciless sun. The weather was quite alright tt day, the children had fun at the beach and on the land. Both girls were chao-ta and had to apply lotion to soothe their skins fr itch (Amway’s lotion is vy gd for sunburnt). That nite, we were all knocked out!

Sunday came. It was their first swimming lesson. For the first time, both girls really swam and not jus playing with water. GG used to be like a koala bear hugging to a tree (ie Daddy) whenever we went to the pool. They liked the lesson and were looking forward to the next one. Last nite, they also slept like logs.

I had a good nite sleep, but the physical body still feels vy heavy, tired and drained … … … … sign of ageing??? *sigh*

East Coast Pics …