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Heartburn = More Hair February 28, 2007

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Read tis interesting findings in today’s ST “Mind Your Body” (Pg 20).

Researchers @Johns Hopkins Uni has confirmed a myth that women who suffer heartburn during pregnancy will hv BB with full heads of hair, to be true.

So, heartburn is afterall a good thing :).

P/S: Did Bibo cause a lot of heartburn and Noelle oni a little???


7 Responses to “Heartburn = More Hair”

  1. Hairy Says:

    Actually I think XiaoYi didn’t really have much Heartburn for Noelle but I think slightly more for Xavier. So that means the study is kinda true lor. I think also must ask por por, when she is pregnant with siao yi, does she have heart burn. If answer is no, then the study is proven !

  2. croc Says:

    actually how does heartburn feel? don’t even know i had any..but dez’s hair is quite thick

  3. Gynae Says:

    i expect the Q to come fr a guy :D.
    Heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest that most often results when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus.
    U learn something today.

  4. BiBo Says:

    my hair thick meh…?

  5. Yun Nan Representative Says:

    Your hair not thick… Its just overgrown !!!

  6. PiYaNo Says:

    haha… u like sayin her hair is grass like tt…

  7. Yun Nan Representative Says:

    Not grass lah …. heeee…. But so far, Wanying has the most hair lor … among the girls … Wanying and Ashley had the most hair… the rest hair only so so lah.. Noelle is the worst !! Almost botak like her mummy like that !

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