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I’ll Let U Swim February 27, 2007

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While bathing GG today, she was unhappy bcos i didn’t allow her to wash herself.
GG: *quietly* i dun wan to stay with u (next time).
Me: u dun wan to take care of mummy (when old), issit?
GG: … … … …
GG: my hse got swimming pool.

While wiping her with the towel,
GG: i’ll let Jeh Jeh swim.
GG: i’ll let Daddy swim.
Me: then mummy leh?
GG: *shake her head* [refused to look at me, kept using the towel to hide her smiling face]

While dressing her up for school, I kept psycho and ask her … …

When the school bus was approaching,
Me: so do u still wan mummy?
GG: [before boarding the bus] i’ll let u swim [and plunged a kiss on my face].

Me: *phew!!*


4 Responses to “I’ll Let U Swim”

  1. croc Says:

    🙂 kids are so adorable sometimes..

  2. PiYaNo Says:

    she so cute…

    how cum kids like to say next time deir hse gt swimmin pool de???

  3. Greedy Daddy Says:

    Cute … But I am not asking for a swimming pool from Xavier but a car from him. Real car hor, not those matchbox car. As for Noelle, uh, haven’t really thought of it.

  4. BiBo Says:

    awww…so lovely…

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