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Me Not Qualified for Credit Card Leh February 22, 2007

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My Nokia rang with the tune tt indicated tis someone i dunno called me.

Tele-marketeer: Hi Mdm, I’m calling from ABN Amro, blah, blah, blah … … Do u hv any credit card from ABN?
Me: No
B4 i wanna say I’m not interested, vy quickly she continued to ask, “Mdm, are u currently employed?”
Me: No
Oso vy quickly she said,”Oh, then thank you.”
Tuuuuuuu … tuuuuuuu … tuuuuuuu …

Wait i ask my hubby to terminate his card with yr bank then u know!!! 😀


7 Responses to “Me Not Qualified for Credit Card Leh”

  1. rolypoly Says:

    c u no up. rich tai tai also no work wat? hor?

  2. kim tang tang tai tai Says:

    dun hv the chance to tell her tt i oni sign cards, i dun apply cards ‘cos she talked so fast lor … … *sigh* wanna hao lian oso cannot.

  3. PiYaNo Says:

    haha… bt tt person veri bad leh… hear u not workin den hang up liao…

  4. ya ya papaya Says:

    no lah, it’s MAS rule mah … no income, no $$, so no card.
    not tt i wanna b impolite, but i jus dun like tele-mkteer who eats up all the full stops and pauses, and rattle on and on and on … nvr gimme chance to talk lor. If one doesn’t listen to customer, how to provide service leh???

  5. tarzan Says:

    got eyes dunno orh-yi-orh..

  6. TelemarkeTEARS Says:

    Wah !!! This is the best post I ever had !! Next time some stoooooopig telemarketer called me from some Umbro bank or Ulu Ulu bank, I will straight away tell them I not employed. I pok tau lor !! Then they will just zip and hang up !! Good tactic ! I like !!

    Anyway, me, trying to be more sympathetic, think that telemarketers are also doing their job. If they are those energetic type, at least they take their job with pride. Have you ever encountered those maciam like some monk reciting sutra like that !! OMG ! I want to go to their office and punch that fellow man. Waste my time listening to chants when I could jolly well go some mosque on Friday and listen. Somemore got stereo effect one !!! Piang eh !!

  7. Big Boss Says:

    Sorry hor .. Rich Tai Tai or Kim Tang Tang Tai Tai don’t need to sign card one… All sup cards from Hubbies who drive BMW 7 Series one … Even if those tai tai got no cards, they will have Cash.. All pay by cash … Go buy car, bring one suitcase of 100000 dollars to buy car. On the spot bury you in their dollar notes ….

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