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On the 3rd Day of Chinese New Year February 21, 2007

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Ytd, was on our way to Sentosa when we saw the queue was super long. Aborted the idea, we went to Suntec instead, and caught the show “Just Follow Law” … tink the film ok lah, typical Jack Neo’s style. The funniest part was when the foursome did the impromptu performance, tt made Ashley chuckle.

Other snippets … …
Welcoming the pig yr while we were having yummy pork fillet at Tonkichi

Shaking off the fats (Wow, can really feel the fats shaking here and there like jelly)


3 Responses to “On the 3rd Day of Chinese New Year”

  1. PiYaNo Says:

    wah… nvr go e hua zhan ar??? we oso go sentosa ytd… ard 1+ like tt… go in tt time jam… but inside actually not so jam lar… we enter e photograph competition while we’re dere…

    ought to go… quite nice lar…

  2. Gambler Says:

    Sounds like exciting 3rd day for you. My third day, I went gambling at my colleagues place, and lost 30 over dollars !?!?! Huat ?????

  3. PiYaNo Says:

    ue luck quite lousy sia…

    excitin?! neh… a bit bored sia…

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