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Miss CNY Singapore February 21, 2007

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CNY is oso a day to dress up the little princesses, here are my super models … …


10 Responses to “Miss CNY Singapore”

  1. croc Says:

    ya lor, no wonder come so late, have to wait so long for yr angpow.

    Ashley can be super cool and gg so cute and mischievous…

  2. LubbishBin Says:

    she’s vy photogenic. i asked her if she wants to b a model, she said dun wan leh. As for GG, vy difficult to get a decent pic of her, dunno why leh, she somehow looks distorted, mayb her eyes r too big??!!

    As for the Ang Bao, tis yr my AB vy messy, the $$ cannot tally leh. Tink some of my AB went missing??!! How to huat like tt???

  3. PiYaNo Says:

    ashley look veru beautiful… erm… but e 2nd pic.. hair a bit tooo messy liao…

    wah… jus new yr $$ oredi lost ar???

  4. shawn_ahdior Says:

    I got a few comments on the photo.

    Ashley (left)- After Dolling.
    Ashley (left)- Before Dolling.

    GG (Left) – Left Angle Shot (subject haven’t moved)
    GG (Right) – Direct Shot (subject haven’t moved)

    Hee. Just joking lah … If not, Bin Laden will bomb me for criticising her daughter.. some more make up so long still kena criticise. Hee. Anyway, Ashley’s quite a beauty. Too bad Xavier too young for her. If not, I can start writing contract and prepare for contract signage.

  5. PiYaNo Says:


    e 2nd pic of ashley look more like aft dollin… removed e plaits liao photo…

  6. jaws Says:

    ya lor, oni after untying the plaits then can get the waves lor. though her hair looked messy, but still looked pretty lor.

    how i wish i can keep GG still. even when she walks, she still skips lah, hops lah, runs lah … like a horse.

  7. shawn_ahdior Says:

    GG is still what. If you look at the photo carefully, it seems like the photos are taken in a different perspective with the subject un-moved.

  8. PiYaNo Says:

    she a horse mah… tt’s y…

  9. Blurred Says:

    Horse ?!?!? What linkage ? Si Mi Pattern ?

  10. PiYaNo Says:

    her zodic lar…

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