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Dip. Gambling February 21, 2007

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Poly r hv’g a lot of new courses like resort mgmt, leisure mgmt, hospitality mgmt, etc; but none on how to bcome a Du Wang or Du Hou (King/Queen of Gamblers) or Du Qian or Du LXX (hahaha …).

So, we’re now train’g a grp of gamblers … those who wish to apply, pls include ‘Dip. in Gambling’ in yr JAE. Oops, tis yr JAE oledi closed, so pls apply next yr … Good Luck!!!

Our trainees during their CNY internship. They r masked to protect their identities, esp one of them is a principal. 😀


14 Responses to “Dip. Gambling”

  1. PiYaNo Says:


    u nvr say e Dip in which poly leh… let me guess… Jaws poly or Pig head poly???

  2. Du (3) Wang (2) Says:

    uhhh.. Try Ah Heng Polytechnic or Seow Ling Gambling Institute

  3. Du3 Xia2 Says:

    hmmmmm, Gambling Institute sounds vy class & pro … good, good, good.

  4. du(3) wang(2) Says:

    Xiao Yi laugh until “peng” !! OMG !! I with her for so long liao, cannot make her laugh until like that. Just the two photos with the masked eyes make her laugh until “peng”. Jialat !!

    I got a better name for the Ah Heng Polytechnic. We can try Ah Heng School of Ban Luck & Dai Dee. (Name follows Nanyang School of Fine Arts style)

  5. Du3 Xia2 Says:

    i tell u huh, today u go buy a black tape and mask yr eyes, then she will ‘peng’ again. Dun believe, we BET lah!!!

  6. PiYaNo Says:

    e photo look tt funny meh???she too look nvr watch news liao issit???

    oops… i tink now oso dun haf black tape over eyes liao… lol…

  7. Siao Ding Dong Says:

    u know, sometimes u jus need THAT simple thing to trigger laughter … jus like ‘lost valentine’s’ on wat he did for V. Day, or ‘shawn ahdior’ offered to doll u up like Ong Lai; all these poked zun zun at my laughter acu-point.

  8. PiYaNo Says:

    e ong lai 1 hor.. veri lame leh… bt e valantine 1 quite funny lar…

  9. Du(3) Wang(2) Says:

    To Piyano:Farnie my foot ah. When you kena the V-Doomsday, see you still can laugh or not !!! Ask you carry 10 kg rice on V-Doomsday by your boyfriend, I think you cry until you left with no tears ah !!

    To Siao Ding Dong: As your name implies, you really siao ding dong !! Somebody call IMH !!

  10. Du(3) Wang(2) Says:

    To du3 xia2: Don’t want to tape myself up. This ultimate weapon only used when necessary. Now I know her laughing acu point, seemed like I have another trick up my sleeve. Maybe I can try taping you up first see if I laugh until peng or not ?? Maybe I will also like it. How ? Wanna try ? Anyway, wait she really laugh until peng san, I still need to incure medical fees. Bo hua. Tape myself up, still gotta pay money.

  11. PiYaNo Says:

    ur foot smelly lar… where gt funnie? anyway… if my bf dare ask me carry e 10kg rice ar… he carry nth… 1st thing i do is dump it on him…

  12. PiYaNo Says:

    ytd xiao yi told me JAws blog veri funnie…

  13. woman rulez Says:

    no, no, no … don’t dump the pkt of rice(cost $$ to buy leh) on him. U shd dump the guy!
    So, do tis test 1st if he wants to b the bf.

  14. PiYaNo Says:

    1st step dump e rice…

    2nd step dump e guy…

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