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Piggy Is Here!!! February 18, 2007

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Yippeeeee, it’s my turn again!!!
Believe me, tis yr will b a happpy and good one.

Welcome to the new year!
Huat Ah! Huat Ah! HUAT AHHHHHHHH!!!

– Pig Head


5 Responses to “Piggy Is Here!!!”

  1. Mr Alamanac Says:

    Be it pig year, horse year, rabbit year.. every year should be a good and happy year. Nevethreless, I guess pig year, pig should be better and happier than the rest of us !! Huat ah !! Huat Ah !! BTW hor, do you do investment or buy 4D or not !?!? If not, how to huat huh ? Pick up S$50 on the ground ah ?

  2. rolypoly Says:

    dunno wat 4D, 5D only know that the pig bak kwa looks so yummy!! GONG XI FATT CHOI!!

  3. mr almanac Says:

    Wah… What comment got deleted huh. I very curious… and from who huh ?!?

  4. PiYaNo Says:

    e pic veri familiar leh… dunno where i seen it b4… bah kwa ad??? aiya dun rmb liao…

    haix… 7 more yrs to my yr… next yr des yr… den jiu jiu yr.. den xz yr… den shawn/xiao yi/ ashley yr… wah… still gt so long!!!

  5. LubbishBin Says:

    hehehe, the bak kwa pig actually fr ST, where a reporter did a rating report on the bak kwa shops. i like it vy much (both pig & bak kwa), so scan it. nice hor.

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