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Happy Valentine’s Day February 14, 2007

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How i gonna spent my V. Day … …

Bcos MIL will b busy with making Ngoh Hiong tonite, for the CNY; so she prefers the kids not to b at home.

Boh bian lor, decided to bring them along to the driving range, hv fastfood dinner @ Lot1, go NTUC to buy grocery for CNY and lastly to my godson’s hse to collect Bak Kua.

This is my V. Day. How romantic … hahaha.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


8 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. PiYaNo Says:

    wa… veri unique way of celebratin V day… by preparin for CNY…

  2. Lost Valentine Says:

    At least you still have driving range … ntuc …. What reply I get from Wifey about dinner tonight ? Without much thought, she just say, go to your mum’s place for dinner … Tell me about the most romantic person in the world ….

  3. LubbishBin Says:

    hahahaha … … wonder is it family traits tt we’re the practical type, not the romantic type??!!

    anyway, nxt yr or her coming BD, make arrangement to ‘deposit’ yr kids, arr some programmes & give her a surprise!!! But u gonna make sure she’s not tied up with her work.

  4. lost valentine Says:

    Romance si two way de hor … 1 way romance is zhi (4) Zhuo (4) Duo (1) Qing (2) … Sianz ….

  5. PiYaNo Says:

    mayb she didn’t realise is V dae??? or mayb she hope tt u gif her a surprise…

    u gt gif her anything or not??? tell us wad happen leh

  6. My yr is coming soon, Pig rulez!!! Says:

    aiyo, pple oledi sian liao, u still want the details??!!
    but agree wif u tt a surprise celebration is always a NICE thing to do :).

  7. lost valentine Says:

    Sorry lor … see my blog for my comments on how I spent my V Day and you know its indeed surprising … hahahahaha

  8. PiYaNo Says:

    really veri ‘romatic’ haha….

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