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Migration … … February 2, 2007

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Just migrated to new version of blogger.
Gimme a lot of problems, and oso don’t like the new layout.
Suay … can’t convert back to old version liao.


6 Responses to “Migration … …”

  1. Blogspot Migration Sucks Says:

    U Ain’t Alone man. Sorry not man, cannot use man, not referring to your hubby. Uh.. Rephrase. U Ain’t Alone Woman. I migrated my blog and it never came back after “Migration”. Luckily, I started the wordpress one first before I migrate. So impact not that great.

  2. PiYaNo Says:

    wad is worse is u migrate liao create new blog… cannot even put other type of blogskin lor…

  3. mummyDear Says:

    guess when i got time, i’ll oso move over to wordpress lor.

  4. Blogspot Migration Sucks Says:

    WordPress loads faster. But if you are into fanciful patterns and stuffs like Wan Ying’s Confusing Blog or Ah Yings Blog, then, wordpress not for you. If not, wordpress should suffice.

  5. PiYaNo Says:

    wordpress where gt faster??? now e new blog no need w8 for it to upload ur post to e web mah… so quite ok lar…

    jus can’t put blogskin onli… can onli use e 1 tt blogger provide

  6. mummyDear Says:

    seems tt the dust has settled … or too lazy to explore other area, so will stay put :).

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