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Heartburn = More Hair February 28, 2007

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Read tis interesting findings in today’s ST “Mind Your Body” (Pg 20).

Researchers @Johns Hopkins Uni has confirmed a myth that women who suffer heartburn during pregnancy will hv BB with full heads of hair, to be true.

So, heartburn is afterall a good thing :).

P/S: Did Bibo cause a lot of heartburn and Noelle oni a little???


I’ll Let U Swim February 27, 2007

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While bathing GG today, she was unhappy bcos i didn’t allow her to wash herself.
GG: *quietly* i dun wan to stay with u (next time).
Me: u dun wan to take care of mummy (when old), issit?
GG: … … … …
GG: my hse got swimming pool.

While wiping her with the towel,
GG: i’ll let Jeh Jeh swim.
GG: i’ll let Daddy swim.
Me: then mummy leh?
GG: *shake her head* [refused to look at me, kept using the towel to hide her smiling face]

While dressing her up for school, I kept psycho and ask her … …

When the school bus was approaching,
Me: so do u still wan mummy?
GG: [before boarding the bus] i’ll let u swim [and plunged a kiss on my face].

Me: *phew!!*


Me Not Qualified for Credit Card Leh February 22, 2007

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My Nokia rang with the tune tt indicated tis someone i dunno called me.

Tele-marketeer: Hi Mdm, I’m calling from ABN Amro, blah, blah, blah … … Do u hv any credit card from ABN?
Me: No
B4 i wanna say I’m not interested, vy quickly she continued to ask, “Mdm, are u currently employed?”
Me: No
Oso vy quickly she said,”Oh, then thank you.”
Tuuuuuuu … tuuuuuuu … tuuuuuuu …

Wait i ask my hubby to terminate his card with yr bank then u know!!! 😀


On the 3rd Day of Chinese New Year February 21, 2007

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Ytd, was on our way to Sentosa when we saw the queue was super long. Aborted the idea, we went to Suntec instead, and caught the show “Just Follow Law” … tink the film ok lah, typical Jack Neo’s style. The funniest part was when the foursome did the impromptu performance, tt made Ashley chuckle.

Other snippets … …
Welcoming the pig yr while we were having yummy pork fillet at Tonkichi

Shaking off the fats (Wow, can really feel the fats shaking here and there like jelly)


Miss CNY Singapore

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CNY is oso a day to dress up the little princesses, here are my super models … …


Dip. Gambling

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Poly r hv’g a lot of new courses like resort mgmt, leisure mgmt, hospitality mgmt, etc; but none on how to bcome a Du Wang or Du Hou (King/Queen of Gamblers) or Du Qian or Du LXX (hahaha …).

So, we’re now train’g a grp of gamblers … those who wish to apply, pls include ‘Dip. in Gambling’ in yr JAE. Oops, tis yr JAE oledi closed, so pls apply next yr … Good Luck!!!

Our trainees during their CNY internship. They r masked to protect their identities, esp one of them is a principal. 😀


Piggy Is Here!!! February 18, 2007

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Yippeeeee, it’s my turn again!!!
Believe me, tis yr will b a happpy and good one.

Welcome to the new year!
Huat Ah! Huat Ah! HUAT AHHHHHHHH!!!

– Pig Head