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Demise of My Cute Little Goldfish January 29, 2007

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*sigh* … barely 1wk, all 18 goldfish died one by one.
May you all rest in peace … o-me-tuo-fo.

When we first bought our fishes, the ‘Sell-Fish’ worker (not fisherman, not fishmonger, then wat??? … selfish lor) told us to add 4 tablespoon of salt to the tank (for the brand that he recommended). Having some marine salt at home, we happily added them into the tank … …

Today , my hubby went back to the fish farm to ‘consult’ the ‘Sell-Fish’ worker, he said cannot use the marine salt lah, must buy the type recommended by him.

Wau lau eh!!!
So, all goldfish became salted fish … *sigh* … o-me-tuo-fo.

P/S: Oh, also read from internet that goldfish cannot live in saline environment … …


11 Responses to “Demise of My Cute Little Goldfish”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    alamak… shld ask my dad mah… he got yang yu so long liao…

    ur goldfish veri poor thing leh.. ur pocket must haf burn a hole liao… tt goldfish is ard $1-2 each rite???

  2. mummyDear Says:

    It’s not the $$ tt I’m heartache, it’s the little lives.

  3. Shawn_Ah_Dior Says:

    Tell you hor .. At least die 1 by 1 leh. My story. Got 7 little fish. All died one by one till I am left with 3 due to negligence (by Xavier). So I decided time to stop the fishes from dying and I fed them and they managed to survive for a long time. On the eve of new years day (i.e. 31 Dec 2006), I thought, “Why not we do something good for the new year and release the fishes into the nearest longkang”. So It was decided that the fishes would be free to roam the following day. On new years day morning, all 3 fishes died !!! After autopsy, it was found out that the murderer was non other than Noelle with mastermind, Xiao Yi !! They pour I believe quite a substantial amount of fish food until the whole water turned murky the following morning. You tell me lah !! I sim tiah !!! Kek Sim !! Wanna save the fishes but end up they still all dieded !!!!

  4. mummyDear Says:

    Oh dear … … I can imagine Xiao Yi giving that kind of ‘innocent’ look, and Noelle, always looks soooooo innocent.

  5. Shawn_Ah_Dior Says:

    Murderers usually look innocent one !! Those look like murderers are the kind hearted ones. 🙂

  6. Anonymous Says:

    haha… e fish overfeed sia… lol… mayb dey noe u wanna abandon dem liao… so sad until died… lol…

  7. mummyDear Says:

    so the real murderer is … … Ah Dior!!! He who doesn’t ‘look’ like a murder is the real murderer!!!!

  8. Light_Fish Says:

    Like that also can ah !!! No lah !! Tell you one secret, don’t tell anybody .. shhh. I actually got a death note. But can only write the fish name. So I decided to end the fishes agony by writing the fishes name on the Death Note. And hor, It works !!!!! The fishes actually did die of over-eating.

  9. L Says:

    Hi Light-to-san,
    I’m L-ler!!!

  10. Light Fish Says:

    Guess which fish am I going to kill next ? Hahahahahahahah …

  11. PiYaNo Says:

    u veri cruel leh… kill fish!!!

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