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Hello, I’m Man … Part 2 January 25, 2007

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Talking abt making fun of a person’s name, I’m also guilty of it … …

An ex-colleague of mine is an Indonesian Chinese, his surname is Suparman; so u can guess what i called him, much to his annoyance.

To “add salt to the injury”, his name sounds like ‘Xian2 Dan4’ (salted egg) … together with the surname, can u guess what is it???

It is … …
‘Ultra-man’, because that’s what Ultra-man is known in Mandarin:
咸蛋超人’Xian2 Dan4 Chao1 Ren2′.

Yah, I’m mean. I knew he disliked it, so I stopped teasing him then.
Now retribution on my daughter … … 🙂


6 Responses to “Hello, I’m Man … Part 2”

  1. You know who .... Says:

    Not so bad la. Tan lagi worse lor. You have Rambu Tan, Nelson Tan, Heren Tan (Ho Lang Tan … I.e. Make people wait). If you want to have special name like Sun or Moon, you kena Sun Tan or Moon Tan !!! If you have names like Garen Tan, you always Gei (3) Ren (2) Tan (2) (.. meaning kena tua !) How you tell me lah !!! So better just stick to Shawn Tan !!! Hahahahaha

  2. Anonymous Says:

    alamak… aft 1 big round jus wanna say u’re name is e best??? OMG!!!

    dun beat ard e bush lar!

    p.s. gt ppl name Rambu ar?

  3. My Name is the Best !! Says:

    You see huh. If I tell you my name good, you wouldn’t believe. So I must have some examples so that comparison can be done mah !! If not how can you realise my name is good leh ??

  4. mummyDear Says:

    Hahaha … didn’t realise tt. If u hv a sister, then yr kids will call her ‘Tan Gu Gu’ (wait long long) … hahaha!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:


    sometime chinese surname wid a english name infront really sound weird n funny…

    tt time Stomp forum oso gt ppl start a thread on tis… more weird 1s…

  6. Sigh Says:

    Yah lah !! me lor !! Tan Chin Kuok (They call me Tan Jin Gu !!) or Very Cock (i.e. Chin Cock) !! Sigh !!!

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