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If U’re Not Interested, Pls Leave … … January 22, 2007

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These happened in my yoga class:

(1) Last Last Saturday … …
Two teenage sisters came to the class with their mum. What they did in the class were vy vy irritating and annoying.

They were not serious in doing the exercises. All their postures were OUT, OUT, OUT; and actions were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! Sitting there, as if their backbones had collapsed, they played and laughed loudly, oblivious to the coach & other students who were learning to get the most benefits out of the 1.5hrs class.

When the coach went over to correct their postures, OMG!!! They fell like Humpty Dumpty, they cldn’t even control their bodies!!! And they thought that that was vy funny … Ha! Ha! Ha!

(2) Last Saturday … …
Luckily only one turned up, so we’d some peaceful time.

Again, with her collapsed backbone, she just went thru’ motion for all the exercises. When we were told to hold certain poses, this amazing girl wld pull out her story bk from behind and READ.

C’mon, hv some respect for the coach & others.

Don’t come to the class or pls leave … why ‘torture’ yourself, and subject others to yr nonsense??!!

U r responsible for your health & action.
Yr attitude sucks! PLEASE be graceful and considerate.


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