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Cheers to 21yrs of Friendship!!! December 9, 2006

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After sooooo many yrs, we’re (7 of us) still able to REALLY ‘keep in touch’. In fact 3 of us knew each other since primary school, but only became good buddies when we were in secondary school.

A misunderstanding before GCE ‘A’ Level almost ‘killed’ the friendship, and both parties were hurt. Time passed, we grew wiser 🙂 and finally re-united a few yrs later, that was really a blessing and at least it won’t be a regret in my life.

Yesterday was a special day … we made an effort (incl one lost sheep) to hv our 1st makeover session together 🙂 . After all these yrs, we still enjoyed taking photos of funny/crazy poses, it was fun! We also had a good & loud laugh 😀 while browsing our old photos in a ‘quiet and high class’ restaurant.

The only difference now is tt we talk more about our kids 😉 .

Friendship needs commitment. A toast to our 21 years!!!


5 Responses to “Cheers to 21yrs of Friendship!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wah…. envy sia….

  2. Wow cool……..
    Hats off to you…
    Usually boys only have such a long relationship…
    Gr8 that you too have done it

  3. jy Says:

    my aim for my frienship wid my sec sch of close pals… to b in contact (@ least) til old…

    not easy… given tt 1 is in sec 5… 1 in SP… 1 same poly but diff sch as me…

    still veri envy of ur frienship…

    any mi jue???

  4. strongstrong Says:

    Congratulations in 21 years of friendship. Not an easy task. Takes alot of effort to really keep in touch. Till now, I have bunch of secondary school friends for 17 years already (you can guess how old I am). We still keep in touch but 2 had gone missing. 1 gone missing a few years back (non contactable), and the other went into religious life. They were my closest buddies. I really hope to bump into the one we lost contact with. If I ever see him, I will give him a big hug !!

  5. jy Says:

    later ren chuo ren… anyhow hug.. e person tink u siao 1… hehe

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