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The Sound of Silence – Part 2 November 8, 2006

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Helped my girl to install msn in her PC, after she saw me having fun chatting with pple one day.

Now when she logs in to that, she will use msn to ‘talk’ to me, even though I’m jus in the room next door!!!

*Sigh* … technology …


The Sound of Silence – Part 1 November 7, 2006

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Every Sunday, mum’s place is always crowded and noisy ‘cos the kids play and make merry. But then recently, it quiets down …
What has captivated the kids’ attention is Game Boy. Adults now can watch TV or chat without raising the volume.
My kids do not hv Game Boy, so they either borrow from their cousins, or watch them play or sit around feeling bored …

My girl’s Birthday is coming along, and she asks for a Game Boy. I hv no objections, in fact, I’ve wanted to buy one 3yrs ago. However, other than the high price tag, my concern is the discipline and responsibility one shd hv owning an addictive game set … well, kids wouldn’t understand these, parents thus hv to educate them then.